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Best Helpers of 2023

29 December, 2023


As the year comes to a close, it’s time to recognize and celebrate the best helpers of the year
These individuals have gone above and beyond in their dedication to assisting and supporting others, and their contributions have made a lasting impact. From volunteering their time to lending a listening ear, these helpers embody the spirit of giving and selflessness. Thank you to all of the amazing helpers out there, and here’s to another year of making a difference in the world!

The Administration!

As we reflect on the past year and look ahead to the future, it’s important to recognize and appreciate those who have made a significant impact in our community. And there is no group of individuals more deserving of recognition than our administrators. These dedicated professionals have put in countless hours of hard work and effort to ensure that our community runs smoothly and efficiently. Their contributions are immeasurable and their dedication to helping others is truly admirable.

Whether they are managing complex projects, coordinating resources, or simply lending a listening ear to those in need, our administrators always go above and beyond to ensure that our community is a supportive and welcoming place for all. They are the backbone of our community and we are grateful for all that they do. Thank you to all of our administrators for your tireless efforts and for being the best helpers that anyone could ask for. We appreciate you and value your hard work.

Marcus – For those of you who don’t know Marcus, he has been the community manager of the English locale for several years. In this time he has seen overseen massive change to not only the game but to the forums and helper teams. Marcus has a huge range of responsibilities in Tanki Online whether it be working closely with developers or talking with players about recent updates, he is always active in his role and strives to make this community a better place. Marcus, we cannot fully thank you enough for all that you do.

GG_reg, Spy and Mosad – These three players are the community manager’s right hand men. They have all been helpers in the past and have since been promoted to admin of their group. They would have held their admin position and done an incredible job for a sustained period of time where they have then been noticed for their hard work and hand picked by the CM himself to help with the smooth running of our community. As Head Admins, they have a variety of tasks to perform whether it be scheduling in game announcements, conducting checks on helper applications, and just taking care of the community helper teams in general. Their work may not necessarily be visible to the public eye, but they work tirelessly behind the scenes to constantly develop our community. Thank you Head Admins for all your dedication!

DarkOperative – DarkOperative is a supremely talented and experienced helper. He began his career as a Forum, Facebook and eSports moderator who has since moved over to the Chat Moderation team where he has specialized for several years as the administrator. His main responsibility is to ensure that all bans are fairly given to the necessary players and he also deals with any complaints from players about chat bans. The English community’s chats are safe from violators thanks to the hard work of DarkOp.

rommeltanki – Rommeltanki is a well-known name and one of the top most experienced administrators in the community. This year has yet again been a showcase of his nonstop dedication to the community and keen attention to his responsibilities as a chat administrator. Rommeltanki has excellent leadership and passion to his role, ensuring a smooth operation of the chat moderation system in the International community. Thanks to his sound decision-making skills and ability to embrace changes seamlessly, Rommeltanki has ensured that the chat moderation system maintains its values in making the game enjoyable for all. Being a key mentor to the team that’s always present to help and offer advice, he has been a driving force for upholding excellence in the chat moderator team time and time again and this year has been no exception!

Yele – Have you ever seen a cheater be kicked from a battle? Justice against violators occurs on a daily basis and it’s all thanks to yele’s elite team of battle moderators. They work tirelessly to spectate battles to ensure that no one is violating the rules of the game so players can enjoy sabotage free battles. Yele not only trains and manages the specialist Battle Mod team but she also handles any complaints from players about bans they may receive. Before moving into her main role as Battle Mod admin, yele used to serve as the English Forum Administrator but she now specialises in her current role due to the demanding nature of the work. Alongside this, yele is also currently administrator of the Russian chat mod team. Thank you for all you do across these two communities yele! 

StealthMasterX – StealthMasterX is undoubtedly one of the most knowledgeable players out there! Stealth has been a Wiki Editor for such a long time that he was promoted to co admin and  has since then succeeded his predecessor and is currently leading the team on his own! His main responsibility is to ensure that all the information on the Tanki Wiki is up to date. As soon as new content is released into the game, Stealth and his team have the mammoth task of ensuring all the correct stats, images and text are displayed correctly for the community to enjoy. As well as this he also uses his spare time to administrate game translators and manage the social media pages. Thank you for everything you do for us Stealth! 

kaisdf – One of the oldest remaining admins in our community, kaisdf dedicates most of his time into Tanki’s official discord server and social media platforms, making sure everything runs smoothly! He’s a very dedicated, hard working and loyal person who always looks for new ways to help and improve the community! He recently took upon himself another challenge which is leading the Game Translators helper group. We wish him the best of luck, although we are more than sure he’ll be doing an amazing job like always!

chinufire1 – Ever since chinu joined the ranks of the Social Media team, he had shown dedication like no other! He continued performing his duties perfectly during his time as a helper, and when a time for a new admin arrived, the decision to promote chinu was easy. Chinu is currently working alongside kaisdf, making sure the Social Media team is doing its job properly and professionally! Thank you chinu, and we hope you stay with us for many years to come!

The.L-E-G-E-N-D – DT has been with the Broadcasting Team ever since the very beginning, started as a commentator, promoted to a team leader and then, rightfully, he has been promoted to the position of a Content Administrator, which further proves that hard work pays off! DT’s love for the Broadcasting Team is crystal clear, and he always makes sure that the viewers get to watch intense eSports matches at the highest quality possible!

Hope – Many of you will be familiar with Hope. He has been a driving force of the eSports commentator team due to the sheer number of streams he has commentated over the past few years. His passion for the game and it’s community led him to recently being promoted to co admin of the livestream team where he has already started to make his own mark on the ever growing team. We enjoy esports livestreams with top commentary on a daily basis and it’s all thanks to this guy! 

FilthyCasual29 – Filthy is one of the newest additions to the community’s administration, however is quick adaptation to the position and his duties make it seem as if he has been in this position for years! Despite being in charge of a large amount of helpers, Filthy always makes sure every single question, request or even a complaint is sorted out and that all parties are satisfied!

Alfi – Alfi has been a devoted helper to our community. Having worked previously as a contest organizer, Alfi has now moved over to the rent a spec team where he is the admin of the group. If you’ve ever wanted to record some parkour or a special rank up, most likely one of Alfi’s team has been there for you to capture that special moment. Thank you for keeping our memories safe with us Alfi!

The Helpers of the Year!

Super_Nickson – Nickson may not be a known name to those who treat others with respect, if you’re on the other end of the barrel you’d be unlucky to encounter this helper. Supernickson is currently leading all the Discord Moderators on the eSports Discord server, assisting and enforcing rules on those who break them! Thank you Nickson for the countless hours you’ve put into your team and community and we’re so grateful to have you along with us for the ride! Congratulations on a well-deserved Helper of the Year!

Mr.Skiil – Someone who comes to everyone’s mind after mentioning Rent-a-Spec. He has been the guy behind a camera in many videos published on YouTube. Whether it’s rank up, showcase of equipment, eSports or parkour – it doesn’t matter, he can do it all! He is responsible for huge portion of Masters of Parkour 2023 spectator requests that were completed all within short amount of time. His nickname can be seen on the list of Best helpers for the entire year. In our eyes, he fully deserves to be nominated as the Helper of the Year 2023. Congratulations and thank you for your incredible work, Mr.Skiil!

Nocturn – Nocturn has been one of our top performing chat moderators ever since joining the team and is looked upon as a veteran helper. Nocturn has shown to be consistently hardworking,  so much so that he has not missed a single Helper of the Month nomination for the entire year!  Rightfully ending the year on a high note with a highly coveted Helper of the Year title to his name!

Marekos1111 – Marekos has been an insightful helper for many years in the community. He never loses focus and is always ready to assist when needed. Apart from his role as a Forum Moderator, where he actively enforces rules and keeps the discussions civil and family friendly, Marek also took the role of a Team-Leader on eSports this year. He’s now responsible for the production of all the highlights and montages released by his group. We can’t thank you enough for all the hard work and countless hours you’ve put into this year. Therefore, we’re please to award him with a well-deserved title as Helper of the Year 2023!

Excelencia – Excelencia has been an exemplary person ever since the start of his role as a chat moderator. He confidently upholds the vision of the chat moderation team showcasing commendable dedication to ensuring the game chats remain free of violators. Fair judgment, precision, and a sense of responsibility are among the core values Excelencia has upheld consistently throughout his career leading him to his well-deserved nomination for Helper Of The Year!

emrakul – Emrakul is a hard working and highly dedicated individual. He is the one who is on top of keeping the wiki updated in terms of game statistics and game equipment parameters. He always checks and rechecks that the game patch notes have been accurately implemented to the wiki on the affected pages. Due to his dedication in keeping the wiki up to date we are proud to award him Helper of the Year!

Apost – As the one responsible for leading the biggest wiki project in the beginning of the year. He single handedly assisted the wiki administration in transferring articles from the Russian wiki to the English one. He always made sure that the articles have been quickly assigned to an editor and had them completed in a timely manner. We appreciate him for what he had accomplished in the English wiki and therefore earning the title Helper of the Year.

Let – Let is always on top things in the wiki team. Always ready to learn how to do things so he can do them himself. He is also always looking for more work to do before and after completing his assigned tasks. This year he is our top wiki editor with the most edits, 955 edits. That is two times the number of edits compared to the average editor. That being said he rightfully so deserves Helper of the Year!

NikmanGT – This is not the first time you see NikmanGT’s nickname in these ‘Helper of the Year’ lists and this fact for itself speaks volumes! NikmanGT always strives to be the best helper he can be in every position he’s in, and currently he’s a dedicated Forum Moderator and a great asset of the Proofreaders team. He’d be the first one to take upon himself extra tasks and there wasn’t a single time where he didn’t put his one hundred percent into the tasks he was given. It is crystal clear to everyone around him that he genuinely cares for the community and its players! What distinguishes him as an exceptional individual, apart from being a great helper, is his delightful personality. Having him around is consistently enjoyable, adding an extra layer of pleasure to any situation!

Shadow_Error_X – One of the most dedicated helpers working hard in the shadows and never fearing to  offer excellent advice in difficult situations. Shadow_Error_X has demonstrated what it takes to be a chat moderator with flying colors and is among the greatly respected members of the team. He has highlighted dedication and excellent team spirit throughout the year, rightfully earning the Helper Of The Year title to his name!

xPuma – xPuma, one of our finest LATAM Discord Moderators. Where would we be without him? xPuma has consistently been hard working behind the scenes, taking on the ES portion of the Tanki Community, his work has been invaluable and we are grateful to have him be part of the SM Team. xPuma is our most active helper and the contributions he’s made, whether that’s helping new players understand the game, or create discussions with the community, we hope you stay for Eternity (good paint choice) and look forward to working with you in 2024, Thank you xPuma!

Sabry – When you think of the word “Helper”, no one comes to mind more than Sabry. He is an absolute MVP in every position. On the social media front, he has been consistently active both helping out in the #support channel, as well as moderating the rest of the server. He was also a great help in setting up the new Subreddit.  As for Game Translations, he almost single-handedly translated the game into French – a whopping 18,000 words translated. When he’s not carrying those two teams, he is one of the most consistent and enthusiastic eSports Referees, ensuring every match is dealt with complete professionalism and providing a sense of validation for those players who attend the matches that day. He’s the eye in the sky, overwatching to make sure no rules were broken and the match was played fairly. We’d like to give you massive props for all the work you’ve managed to do this year and thank you by awarding you as a Helper of the Year 2023.

Failed – This manic is one of the many talented artists in the community, although he’s definitely someone who stood out compared to many others, due to his conscientiousness of wanting to go above and beyond for the eSports Livestream and Video Team in order for them to have the required thumbnails and artwork pieces needed in order to upload for the rest of the community to witness. Thank you Failed, we hope to see you keep up the great pace and are please to see your name up here on the wall of fame!

Blutchidoo – Blutchidoo is the easiest pick for this award. He was responsible for both the Assistants and Translators until August when he let me take over. Despite not being an Admin anymore, he stayed in the Assistant team to help me with guiding this team. He showed me around and taught me the most important things on being a team leader. He’s a great boss and a great friend.

Excyte – Excyte is a well-known name in the eSports community for previously managing the Broadcasters Team. Although he had to step down as an Administrator, he remains as a Broadcaster in the team. Whenever possible, he still tries to participate actively and help his fellow peers. He’s single-handedly done a lot of work, not only for the streams but also working on demand to get live streams up for events within a short space of time, such as the Masters of Parkour and many others. Thank you Excyte! We hope to see your name up on this Hall of Fame again next year.

Ghost – Ghost, previously also known as Madara, has been another very active helper of this year along with Mr.Skiil, he manages to complete player’s requests in Rent-a-Spec quickly. As a Forum Moderator, Ghost works as hard as he can to make sure the forum remains clean from violations while also dedicating his extra time into collecting feedback and passing onto the higher-ups, the Forum Moderators team is thankful for having such a wonderful person in their ranks! His willingness to help is always welcome in both of these teams and should not stay overlooked! Ghost has recently joined the Broadcasting team and has already done a decent amount of work there too. Therefore, he is earning himself the title of Helper of the Year 2023. Congratulations and thank you, Ghost!

Drown – Drown is your man on call, he never missed a key eSports match even when others were unfortunately not able to help him, nevertheless, he always tried his best to impress. Along with being a Broadcaster and Commentator, he also embarked on the Video Editing Team of which he made many eSports Highlights, creating memories for many individuals which will be there forever for the community to view. Although he’s hard to catch these days on the streams, he’s always lurking in the background and enthusiastic to help when possible. Thank you, Drown!

chinufire – This is the hardest part, saying something nice about my own brother, but after being on the team for over 18 months, chinu’s dedication to ensuring the Discord is a fun and happy environment hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s been responsible for keeping the server safe for all members as well as partaking in some Discord events too, transferring his Event Organiser skills onto his new position. He has taken this position with a running stride and has dedicated *many* hours to helping our Social Media platforms run smoothly. Thank you for your hard work chinufire!

Lennard – Lennard is a cool-headed chat moderator who ensures a fair decision is taken while dealing with chat violations. He has been a focal person in dealing with reports in languages other than English. He has done his job so well that he managed to snatch 9 Helper of the Month titles this year, making his way to a highly deserved nomination for Helper of The Year!

Seraphina – She’s the one who has a heart of gold, not only are her artwork pieces elegant, but throughout the past two years she’s been on the team Seraphina has always treated others with respect. The majority of people would know her for designing last year’s Helper of the Year paint, but that’s not the only input she’s done for the game, as of now Seraphina has been given the title of managing the eSports Designers Team where she’s excelled to excellence! We’re really looking forward to what you have to offer this upcoming year, but firstly we’d like to thank you for all the hard work you’ve done in 2023! Congratulations on having a second Helper of the Year in a row now!

Quo – Quo has always provided our community with the best of the best artwork, from being an administrator of the former designer’s team to having a gifted talent for making magical artwork for the game whether it’s for fun or a helper task. What we envision in him is what we hope future helper applicants can become, a caring and helpful tanker. Congratulations on all your achievements this year, here’s on more to the list!

Scientist -A member of the community returned this year, and Scientist made quite an entrance. Off the bat, he showed how dedicated and caring he once was, over the course of this year he rejoined the Helpers team and enrolled on the position as an eSports Referee, Game Translator and Proofreader. Whilst many helpers find it hard to manage many positions, Scientist showed such diligence within each. Thank you for your continued support and positivity in the community. We look forward to the next year and a possible chance of getting Helper-of-the-Year once again for you.

Edu_Gamer – Edu_Gamer has been a vital part of our team this year. As well as handling our Facebook & Instagram messages, he has been helping out with the BR side of Discord as well as our newly created Reddit. Edu_Gamer has been a hard-working individual, helping the team run smoothly, giving us feedback from players, answering queries, and supporting anyone in any way he can. He has always been by our side, assisting us in any way he can, and his amazing work has paid off! He has always been looking out for our other team members and finding ways to make the team run efficiently, we love to see it and look forward to working together on more projects in the New Year!

DragonKnight – This EN Commentator and Assistants is well-known for their patience and willingness to go to great lengths to help the community. Although at times you may get confused by his odd sense of humour, he’s a really down-to-earth human, easy to approach and always full of joy! It was an easy decision to include them on this wall of fame and we would like to thank them for the extensive hours they have put into each of their different positions. Congratulations to you Dragon, looking forward for what’s in store for you next year!

Walking.Dead – Walking.Dead has been the most consistent and fastest Translator overall and he hasn’t missed a single V-LOG this entire year. He excels at this position and he makes sure that Lithuanian tankers enjoy the V-LOGs in their language.

ZivOfficial – Despite being in the army, this Helper has been a great asset to the team. Understanding English and the V-LOG scripts well, he has been helpful to other Translators as he knows how to simplify the trickier parts of the scripts. Not to mention his presence brightens up the environment in the team.

And let’s not forget our previous Polish Helpers and their community, each of these helpers managed to have a tremendous impact to their community, always striving to make it better . We are extremely grateful for the input from all of the helpers in each locale.  So hopefully this little message is a minor token of our apprepciation!


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