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09 November, 2023
It’s more enjoyable to play when the game is in your native language!
For many years, the game was only available in a few languages. It’s time to change that, because you may find tankers in nearly every corner of the globe!


Already tomorrow, with the servers restart, you will have an option to choose the French language for the game interface. Do you know that it is an official language of more than 40 countries? Yes, that’s true.

All the texts of the game interface, as well as names and descriptions of main in-game items have already been translated. Some texts like paint descriptions will stay in English or will be translated later.

Locales and translations

With this update, we are also splitting the region support into two tiers: locales and translations.

For main regions we will have locales, with websites and news in their language and so on.

For others, we will be adding translations of the game interface to local languages one by one. The same way it was done for French-speaking countries. Also, we decided to change support tier for the Polish region from the locale format to the language format.

We will keep working on adding support for regions of the game’s presence and will surely keep you updated 🤝

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