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Once again, our YouTubers are ready to test their strength on the battlefield!
The most popular YouTubers of the game will assemble their teams. Ahead of them is a battle to the death, in which the strongest YouTuber in Tanki Online will be determined! The fight will be held with the unique B0-NK turrets!


From 2 AM UTC on November 3rd, until November 10th at 4 PM UTC, the TOP-8 YouTubers from the Russian and International locales (based on the number of views per month), will get a chance to assemble their teams of 3 fans. Together with them, these YouTubers will engage in a fierce battle against their rivals!

The pairs for the first matches are to be determined by seeding. Next, the winners of each pair will be fighting against each other, and those who win in the second stage will proceed to the Grand Finals.

Each match consists of 3 battles. If one team wins the first two battles, the third one is skipped. Each battle lasts 10 minutes.

Choose your side!

True fans will get the chance to support their favorites and win cool prizes! To take part, you need to purchase a special themed offer and choose your team on the special website. If your YouTuber is among the TOP-3 winners, you will receive guaranteed prizes!

Fan’s bundle


If their chosen YouTuber’s team is victorious, players will receive:

1st place

Skin Container

2nd place

ULTRA Container

3rd place


YouTubers and their teams (each team member) will receive:

1st place

ULTRA Container

2nd place

ULTRA Container

3rd place

ULTRA Container


You can follow the course of action on participating YouTubers’ channels:

Also, you can follow the progress of the event on the special website.

Good luck to all, and may the strongest team win!

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