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In honour of Tankers’ Day, we’re releasing the continuation of the exclusive SteamPunk-themed collection of skins for you — Magnum SP and Titan SP!

Here are the only ways to get these skins:

Background image
Magnum SteamPunk

You can receive it out of the updated Ultra Containers that are available only during these Tankers’ Day celebrations.

Background image
Titan SteamPunk

You can receive it as a reward in the «Assemble a Tank» event. Read more details here.

These new skins look cool and are completely different from any other skin line currently in Tanki Online.

There is also a special «290 Ultra Containers» offer in the Shop timed to coincide with this event. The offer features 290 Ultra Containers at a very affordable price! 

290 Ultra Containers

So if you want to get the full collection of unique SteamPunk skins — don’t miss this chance!

Good luck!

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