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Summer Major Rankings II
Summer Major 2023 is finished so we are ready to announce the first ranking tournament of the Winter season!
If you’re still unsure whether to participate in tournaments or not, then now is the time to decide! After all, as we said earlier, the eSport format is designed to simplify participation in eSports, which means that everyone has a chance to compete for impressive in-game rewards and even for real cash rewards.

Who knows, perhaps it will be you and your team that will achieve the highest results.

We also want to remind you that in order to simplify the search for players and teams, we have updated our eSports website and added a special section in which teams search for players, and players search for teams.

Tournament rules

  • Ranks: Sergeant — Legend
  • The team consists of 7 players.
  • In battle – 5 tankers from each team.
  • Your garage doesn’t matter as battles are played in Sport mode.
  • On the battlefield, in each team, hulls and turrets should not be repeated. For example, if you use Hornet and Ricochet, no one else from your team should be in the battle with Ricochet or Hornet.   
  • More detailed rules can be found on the tournament page on the eSports portal.


  • Invitation to the Major tournament with cash prizes
  • Unique «Impulse» paint
  • 96,000 Tankoins
  • 88,000,000 crystals
  • 4,375 containers
  • And 1,071 days of «Premium Pass»

Tournament dates

  • Tournament registration has already started and will last till 09:00 UTC on July 21st.
  • The first match will start on July 21st.
  • The tournament will end before August 20th.

The tournament will be attended by 32 to 128 teams.

Almost immediately after the first rating tournament, we will announce the second one and after the two rating tournaments there will be a Major one. In the Major tournament, they will fight not only for in-game rewards, but also for real cash.

Go to the eSports portal, create your team, read the rules, register and get ready for the second rating tournament! And if you have any questions, visit our eSports Discord server, they will definitely help you.

See you on the battlefields and eSports broadcasts!

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