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Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 504

14 boxes

09 June, 2023
Hello, tankers!
Tanki Online’s birthday celebration is in full swing! We have turned 14 years old!

Following good, old tradition, we will hide special «Boxes» on the game’s website, Forum, and Wiki; and you will need to find them!

The Task — and Prizes!

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Your task is to find these «Boxes». Tankers who find all 14 boxes will receive 14 Ultra Containers.


Before you start looking, you need to log in on a special site using your in-game nickname and password.

Afterwards, you will receive a personal code. This code must be entered in the form that will appear for every box you find, otherwise your findings will not be counted. 


On June 9th, at 13:00 UTC, the boxes will appear on the sites and remain in place until June 11th, 13:00 UTC. The winners will be awarded on June 12th during the day.

*Boxes found in the same place in different locales will be counted only once!

Have a good search!

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