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The «Tanki and The snow trap» mini-game
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Tanki Online V-LOG: Episode 367

Hello, tankers!


Our designers are full of inspiration and this time they have created a continuation of the unique GT skin series, and they are just the bomb!


With the server restart, on December 23rd, the following skins will be added to Ultra Containers — Isida GT and Hornet GT.


The GT skin series are specialised versions customised for the highway and they are not afraid of any distance. You can travel far with ABS, cruise control, air conditioning, a high tech multimedia system, and… a tree air freshener for good luck!

Do you want to get these novelties in your Garage? Enter the game on Friday, try your festive season luck (they say that fortune is especially generous these days), and get a chance to obtain them from the updated Ultra Containers!

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