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Hello, tankers!


The main discounts of the year will come to Tanki Online tomorrow, with the servers restart on December 9th! with the following: discounts, updated Ultra Containers, festive game mode, special offers and missions!




Don’t miss the biggest discounts of this year!


From 2 AM UTC on December 9th till 2 AM UTC on December 10th:

  • 50% discount in the Shop. The discount applies to Crystals, Gold Boxes, Kits, Stars, Containers and Ultra Containers.
  • 50% discount in the Garage. The discount applies to Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Augments, Drones, Supplies, and Paints.
  • Discounts on Upgrades. 50% off Micro Upgrades and 70% off their speedups.

Special mode


During this Black Friday, starting from 2 AM UTC on December 9th till 2 AM UTC on December 12h, the special «Deathmatch» mode will be available in the game. All moving objects on the map are your potential targets. Victory depends only on your tank and skill! 

  • Mode: DM
  • Maps: Sandbox REMASTERED (Day), Sandbox REMASTERED (Evening) and Forest REMASTERED
  • Turret: Any
  • Hull: Any
  • Bonus Boxes: ON
  • Upgrades: ON
  • Augments: ON
  • Gold Boxes: ON
  • Equipment Change: OFF
  • Overdrives: OFF
  • Supplies: ON
  • Nuclear Energy: ON
  • Smart Supplies: ON
  • Drones: ON
  • Protection Modules: ON
  • Groups: OFF

Updated Ultra Containers


You can get exclusive collections of skins out of Ultra Containers! There was never such variety of rewards available! Don’t miss out and open the Ultra Containers to add these top skins to your collection!

  • Steampunk skins
  • Ultra skins
  • XT skins
  • RetroFuture skins
  • Demonic skins (except Hammer)
  • The famous «Crisis» drone and «Armadillo» module;
  • Other prizes obtainable from regular Containers;

Special offers


In honour of the main discount festival of the year, we add several very profitable special offers to the Shop!


Special «Daily Tankoins Pass» offer

  • 500 Tankoins immediately 
  • 150 Tankoins per day for 30 days when entering the game  

Special «The Blackbox» offer

  • 15 Ultra Containers
  • 7 days of Premium Pass
  • 3 units of the «Nuclear Energy» supply

Special «Black entity» offer

  • «Tote bag» paint
  • 75 Ultra Containers
  • 1 unit of the «Nuclear Energy» supply

Special «Black suite» offer

  • 200 Ultra Containers

Special missions


Complete missions and get Ultra Containers with dozens of skins inside!

  • Blacker than black
  • Task: Be in the winning team of 2 battles in any matchmaking battles. 
  • IMPORTANT: The mission is only available for «Premium Pass» owners.
  • Reward: 3 Ultra Containers

  • Black Сard
  • Task: Finish 4 battles in any matchmaking battles. 
  • IMPORTANT: The mission is only available for «Battle Pass» owners.
  • Reward: 2 Ultra Containers

  • Shopping
  • Task: Make any purchase in the game’s Shop.
  • Reward: 1 Ultra Container

Replenish your stocks of Ultra Containers, and don’t forget that opening them during the Black Friday event is surely very profitable!


Mega gold


During this event, a new and unusual box will be falling from the sky — the Megagold!

It contains a whopping 10 000 crystals! Only the luckiest among you will manage to catch it though, as it falls much less frequently than a regular gold box.

By the way, it is available in all matchmaking battles!


Have a nice shopping!