Game Unavailability Update #3 (30.11)
Game Unavailability Update #3 (30.11)
eSports Tanki Fund
eSports Tanki Fund
The «Trick-or-Treat» mini-game
The «Trick-or-Treat» mini-game

Hello, tankers!


We are glad to introduce you a new interesting event!


From 2 AM UTC November 21st, till 2 AM December 12th, we invite you to join our treasure hunt! Explore the map of the mysterious island together with your team. Go in search of treasure and dig up valuable rewards!

Let’s get into details.


How to take part


The search begins at 2 AM on November 21st. To take part in the special «Arcade» event, you need to purchase a ticket in the form of the special «Press Start» offer, that includes paints of all 4 factions:

  • Plasma
  • Crimson
  • Lazurite
  • Citrus

Important: All 4 paints will remain on your account no matter what faction you join. The paint you equip does not affect the stars you earn.

Right after purchasing this special «Ticket», you will be added to one of factions. Together with your teammates you can start looking for treasure! The «Ticket» will be available for purchase until December 12th at 2 AM UTC.

Based on experience with previous events, players will get disappointed after seeing that they have been added to a losing faction. So this time we included an option to change your team.


To change your faction you need to purchase the special «Change character» offer, that includes:

  • Changing player’s faction
  • 30 000 crystals

Event rules


Each faction has its own token that will be used for moving around cells of the game board to look for treasure chests.

With the start of the event, you will be able to access the special «Arcade» event website. There you will find a map of the treasure island on which you will vote where to move your team’s token next at each turn in search of treasure.


The event’s time is limited, and it can also end earlier if the right conditions are met.

  • If players do not find all the treasure chests till the end of the event, the prizes that they did not find will be forfeited.
  • If players find all the treasures before the end of the event, the game will be finished prematurely.

Treasure map


The map consists of multiple cells, and you can move around them without any special restrictions.

The map is completely covered with fog, but areas visited will be cleared so that a faction does not get lost and can know which cells they have already explored.

Each faction has its own token to move around the map with. 




Each turn, players vote on where to move their faction’s token to.

  • To vote you need to earn at least 3 stars during a current turn.
  • You can only vote for cells that are around the one where your faction’s token is now. It does not matter if the cell has already been explored previously by any faction, is occupied by another faction, or will be occupied by another faction in the next round.
  • You cannot change your vote.
  • For each 3 stars earned during a current turn you get 1 vote. 
  • The more stars you earn during a current turn, the more significant your influence will be during the voting.
  • One turn takes 23 hours 45 minutes (from 07:00 UTC of a current day till 06:45 UTC of the next one).
  • The token will be moved to the cell that has received the most votes.

Important: If multiple cells tie for the most votes, the move will be chosen at random.




Before starting the next turn, a faction’s token is moved and the fog around the next cell clears:

  • The fog opens new cells only for your team.
  • You won’t be able to see how it is going for other factions, but you can spy on them.

Team fight for treasure


If multiple factions decided to go to the same cell:

  • The faction with the highest number of stars earned captures the cell.
  • Other factions stay on their current cells.
  • If the number of stars earned for all factions fighting for the cell is the same, all of them stay on their current cells.

If a faction stays on a cell, and another team votes to move to this cell:

  • The faction standing on the cell will be defending, with the number of stars they have earned as their defending power.
  • The faction that is moving to the cell will be attacking, with the number of stars they have earned as their attacking power.
  • The faction whose power is greater wins:
    • Should the defending faction win:
      • The attacking faction stays on its current cell and likewise for the defending faction.
    • Should the attacking faction win:
      • The two factions switch places.

If a faction opts to stay on a cell, and multiple factions vote to move to this cell:

  • If the defending faction has less power than the attacking faction with the most power, the defending faction and the attacking faction with the most power switch places.

If factions vote to move to cells of each other:

  • The factions switch places.

Metal Detector


All experienced treasure hunters use this tool to find treasures as quickly as possible.

Many of you know the «Hot or Cold» game. Our Metal Detector works in a similar way.

During a turn (and while players vote where to move), players can scan cells closest to their token with a metal detector.


Once turn is done, Metal Detector shows how close you are to a nearest treasure chest:

  • If a faction’s token stands on a cell that has a treasure chest, the Metal Detector will indicate  — «Very hot».
  • If a faction’s token stands on a cell that is adjacent to a cell with a treasure chest, the Metal Detector will indicate — «Hot».
  • If a faction’s token stands on a cell that is 1 cell away from a cell with a treasure chest, the Metal Detector will indicate — «Warm».
  • If a faction’s token stands on a cell that is 2 cells away from a cell with a treasure chest, the Metal Detector will indicate — «Cold».

You can scan a cell using tankoins. The total cost of scanning one cell is 2000 tankoins per faction. The minimum payment from a player to fund the scan is 10 tankoins.

Tankoins spent are summed up, and the scan starts as soon as the crowdfunding collects the required amount.




Well, now let’s talk about the most important thing, the goal of the event — treasures!

Factions need to find treasure chests which are hidden in special cells of the map.


Getting treasures

  • Once a faction finds a cell with a treasure chest, it needs to spend a turn to dig it up. Voting becomes unavailable and the token is not moved during this turn.
  • To get the treasure, the faction needs to defend this cell and stay on it till the next turn.
  • If another faction captures the cell, the defending faction will not get the treasure, and the attacking faction will automatically start digging.

Here are the rewards you can get from the treasure chests:

  • 100 Gold boxes
  • 1000 Tankoins
  • 1000 units of the «Boosted Armour» supply
  • 1000 units of the «Boosted Damage» supply
  • 1000 units of the «Speed Boost» supply
  • 1000 units of the «Mine» supply
  • 1000 units of the «Repair Kit» supply
  • Thunder’s  «Nanotech» shells» augment
  • Scorpion’s «Missile launcher «Tornado» augment
  • Scorpion’s «Missile launcher «Javelin» augment
  • Scorpion’s «Pulsar» augment
  • «Crisis» drone
  • «Armadillo» module

Once the event is over, we will open the treasure chests your faction received and will deliver the rewards.


Faction chat channels


To make it easier to communicate with teammates, we will add chat channels in the Lobby. Each faction gets its own channel. Only the faction’s members can see it.In these chats you can discuss your tactics, share leaks of other factions’ progress, and discuss your next movements.

Good luck with your search, our dear tankers!

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