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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!


We are in a hurry to please you with a quick boost to the game’s arsenal with a new long-range turret, the Scorpion!


It will be able to attack targets with both standard projectiles from the main turret, as well as using missiles that are capable of hitting targets behind cover.


Normal shot


A normal turret shot can be fired with a short press of the fire button. The turret shoots large-caliber, high-velocity projectiles. 


Unlike other turrets with projectiles, the Scorpion cannon suffers from only a minimal reduction in damage over long distances.


Normal shots do not use the reload bar. What does this mean? Basically, there is still a reload time, but you will have to rely either on memory, or on the sound of reloading, or on a special bolt cover on the turret model to know when the turret is ready to shoot again.

The reload bar is responsible for indicating the readiness of the rocket launchers. It takes even longer than Shaft’s sniping mode to fully aim, but in return, missiles are capable of destroying even a heavy tank.


Rocket launcher shot


To use the rocket launcher, you must hold the fire button. Scorpion rocket launchers have several unique properties.

  • Keeping the target in sight is only necessary to initiate the target acquisition. You can continue to lock on even if the target has disappeared behind cover.
  • The missiles are not launched directly at the target, but instead are launched high up. Because of this, choosing a successful launch distance will allow you to attack the enemy from above, and therefore hit them even behind cover.

Use missiles against targets behind cover, and when they run, finish them off with regular turret shots.

Sounds cool, doesn’t it? Do you already want to try out the new turret in a battle?

Well patient tankers, there’s not long to wait!

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