Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

UPD: The prizes will be sent out on June 22nd.

Hello, tankers!


The incredible Tanki Fund event will take place once again!


Buy the special «Festive Ammunition», «Party Never Ends» and «Spectacular Entrance» offers to boost the fund with tankoins and get a chance at winning cool prizes!


How does it work?


After the Tanki Fund concludes, there will be a prize pool of tankoins that will be divided evenly among a certain number of winners randomly drawn from all the participants of the fund. To participate, you must purchase at least one of the special offers contributing to the Tanki Fund. Each purchase will add additional tankoins into the pool, and for every 8000 tankoins added to the fund, the number of prize pool winners will also be increased by 1.


Special offers


The Tanki Fund will officially begin from May 27th 02:00 UTC and last until June 20th 02:00 UTC.

During this period, you will be able to purchase the 3 special offers in the Shop:


«Festive Ammunition»

  • 1 unit of the «Nuclear Energy» supply
  • 300 units of the «Repair Kit» supply
  • 300 units of the «Boosted Damage» supply
  • 300 units of the «Boosted Armour» supply
  • 300 units of the «Speed Boost» supply
  • 300 units of the «Mine» supply
  • 300 units of the «Battery» supply

Upon purchasing this offer, 1000 tankoins will be added to the pool. This offer can only be purchased once.


«Party Never Ends»

  • 50 Ultra Containers
  • 7 days of Premium Pass
  • 60 000 crystals

Upon purchasing this offer, 3000 tankoins will be added to the pool. This offer can be purchased an unlimited number of times.


«Spectacular Entrance»

  • 290 Ultra Containers
  • 3 units of the «Nuclear Energy» supply
  • «Black» shot effect for Firebird
  • «Dark Moon» shot effect for Freeze
  • «Dark Moon» shot effect for Twins
  • «Darkness» shot effect for Railgun
  • «Eclipse» shot effect for Hammer
  • «Eclipse» shot effect for Magnum
  • «Eclipse» shot effect for Shaft 

Upon purchasing this offer, 8000 tankoins will be added to the pool. This offer can only be purchased once.




There are two ways to receive prizes in this event:

  1. Draw — Among those who have bought the special offers, a certain number of winners will be selected in a draw to receive equal shares of the tank fund.
  2. Additional bonuses — All players who have bought at least one of the special offers will receive additional bonuses depending on the size of the Tanki Fund. For every million tankoins added to the prize pool, the fund will upgrade to a new level.
  • Level 1: +20 Containers
  • Level 2: +20 Containers
  • Level 3: +1 Protection module slot
  • Level 4: +15 Ultra Containers
  • Level 5: +15 Ultra Containers
  • Level 6: +1 Protection module slot
  • Level 7: +1 Skin Container
  • Level 8: +1 Skin Container
  • Level 9: +1 Protection module slot
  • Level 10: «Hyperion» drone
  • Level 11: «Blaster» shot effect for Ricochet
  • Level 12: «Armadillo» protection module
  • Level 13: «Pulsar» augment for Ricochet
  • Level 14: «Crisis» drone
  • Level 15: To be announced 

IMPORTANT: The prizes will be added to accounts after the end of the event.

Therefore, the more «Tanki Fund» offers you buy, the bigger the fund, and the better your prizes!

All additional bonuses are cumulative. For example, Once you reach level 10, you will receive all the rewards listed above, from level 1 to level 10.

*Winners of the draw are players selected by a randomizer chosen from all players who have bought a special offer. If a player buys several offers, there is a chance that he will be included in the list of winners several times, and thus receive several portions of the fund.

The winners of the draw will be selected by a randomizer live on stream, the time of which will be announced on the main page of the site.



  • Start: 02:00 UTC May 27th
  • End: 02:00 UTC June 20th
  • Draw: June 22nd

Good luck to everyone!

The event is held by APL Publishing Ltd. online on the site, in accordance with the General Rules for Promotions and Contests


The promotion is of an advertising nature and is not a lottery nor any other risk-based event. It does not require payment of participation fees.

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