Ultra Weekend January 21st – 23rd

Hello, tankers!


In the recent release, we updated the content of Containers, adding the first modifications of all hulls and turrets. 


However, we did not take into account that some tankers have skipped the first modifications of certain equipment when purchasing higher modifications available for their ranks. As a result, the system failed to detect the presence of certain first modifications in these players’ inventories and have therefore dropped the Mk1s in Containers. 


That is our fault, and we are very sorry about that. As compensation, we prepared a special mission which will give one Container for every Mk1 equipment regardless of whether a player owns the equipment or not. It will be available till 2 AM UTC, January 17th.


Once again, we apologize for our mistake and appreciate your understanding. Click on the «Claim» button to get your Containers. The mission is available starting from the seventh rank.

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