Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
  • Event: Ultra Weekend September 24th – 26th
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Starts: Friday, September 24th
  • Ends: Monday, September 27th

Important note: Unless otherwise stated, all events and activities start and end with the server restart at 02:00 UTC.




We are happy to announce that the upcoming Friday, Saturday, and Sunday will be ULTRA!


A weekend filled with loads of fun and all the festive essentials: a special mode, special missions, boosted funds and experience, coinboxes, 2 valuable special offers, and a themed design.

Moreover, we will be updating the Ultra Containers and adding the new «Paladin» hull into them! 

This Ultra Weekend will start on Friday, September 24th, at 2:00 UTC, and will last until Monday, September 27th, at 2:00 UTC. 


Special mode


Test your strength! You can’t depend on your team here! It’s a deathmatch!

The special «Legendary Goldhunters» event mode is back in the game during this Ultra Weekend.

  • Mode: DM
  • Increased gold box rate
  • Maps: Chernobyl, Future, Rio

Ultra Containers


Of course, you can’t forget about Ultra Containers, which you can earn for completing various special missions, as well as purchasing in the shop.

This time, the goodies you can get from Ultra Containers just got revamped to the best content yet! By opening them, you get a chance to obtain the new «Paladin» hull. For a short period of time (Early Access stage), this hull will be exclusively found in Ultra Containers!


Here are some of the epic prizes you can get from these containers:

  • The new support hovering «Paladin» hull;
  • Paladin’s «Jammer Immunity» augment;
  • Exclusive Ultra skins for Hunter and Hornet, as well as the luxury XT skin for Hopper;
  • New animated «Drive» paint;
  • The famous «Crisis» drone and «Armadillo» module;



As usual, Coinboxes will be available for purchase in the Shop during the event. If you are lucky enough to get 100 000 Tankoins out of them, share a screenshot on the forum!

There are other cool rewards too; make sure to check them out on the Wiki.


Special missions


You can never have enough Ultra Containers. Complete the special missions to get some and loads of stars!

  • Supermission: The best at everything!
  • Task: Complete «The Punisher», «Storm», «Tornado», «Typhoon» and «Cyclone» missions.
  • Prize: 7 Ultra Containers and 150 stars
  • Mission: The Punisher
  • Task: Earn 10000 battle points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Storm
  • Task: Destroy 100 tanks using light hulls (Wasp, Hornet, Hopper) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Tornado
  • Task: Destroy 100 tanks using medium hulls (Hunter, Viking, Crusader, Dictator, Paladin) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Typhoon
  • Task: Destroy 100 tanks using heavy hulls (Ares, Titan, Mammoth) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Cyclone
  • Task: Destroy 100 tanks using hovering hulls (Hopper, Crusader, Ares, Paladin) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 container and 50 stars

2 Special Bundles in the Shop


Got a keen eye for a great deal? Cool. We’ve created 2 special bundles that will set you ahead of the competition at a really affordable price.

These bundles will be exclusively available in the Shop for the duration of the festivities.


Special «Desert Eagle» bundle

  • «Eagle» Mk7 protection module — available for all ranks
  • 15 weekly containers

Special «Exclusion Zone» bundle

  • Additional Protection Module Slot
  • 250 Ultra Containers
  • Animated «Night City» paint
  • Animated «Adversity» paint

Boosted Funds and Experience


During the event, get boosted funds and experience for every matchmaking battle! Yep, it’s the perfect opportunity to rank up faster and get access to new items if you haven’t unlocked them all yet or to get more crystals and quickly upgrade your Garage.


Battle duration


We keep monitoring your feedback and are currently trying to find the optimal battle duration.

Thus, we have decided to increase the MM battle duration to 15 minutes for these 3 days.

We would appreciate it if you told us what you think about these changes on the forum.


Themed Decorations


Throughout the 3 days of the event, we’ll have themed decorations in the game:

  • A holiday-themed paint; 
  • Holiday-themed billboards on all maps; 
  • Special parachutes for drop boxes; 
  • Holiday-themed gold box skin and drop zone.

So get ready to jump into the fray for three days of blazing combat starting with the server restart on Friday, September 24th.

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