Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!


We have great news for you: a novelty will appear in Ultra Containers tomorrow!


Please welcome the new «Paladin» hull. Its release will finish the collection of hovering hulls.


Key features

  • Medium hovering tank that is especially useful for teamplay
  • Overdrive lasts for a long time and has a large radius of effect. Tanks that are affected by Paladin’s Overdrive are connected with “lines” to the tank that activated it.
  • Paladin’s teammates around it get minor healing, immunity from all status effects, and 90% protection from critical damage.
  • Enemy tanks in the range of Paladin Overdrive’s area of effect receive the «Armor-piercing» and «Jammer» status effects.
  • Critical damage protection essentially protects a tank from the Overdrives of Hornet and Dictator
  • Applying Jammer status effect lets you prevent nearby enemy tanks from using their Overdrive, protecting your tank from Hunter’s and Wasp’s ODs
  • As long as a tank is in the effect range of the aura polarizer, all of the Overdrive effects are applied, but as soon as a tank leaves they will all be deactivated instantly. 

Our developers intend Paladin to primarily be a “supporting” tank; going on the offensive with this hull is not the best tactic. Combining Paladin with Titan and Hornet can present a fearsome trio and fully realize this hull’s potential.


Early access


Do you want to own these new items and be the first to test their capabilities in battle?During the early access period, both the «Paladin» hull and the «Jammer Immunity» augment for it will only be available to obtain from Ultra Containers. You can get your hands on these new Ultra Containers by completing the special missions or you can buy them from the shop.


To all our happy Paladin owners, we would love to see you share your screenshots in the comments!

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