Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!


The long-awaited clan system update will be held this Friday, September 24th.


Finally, you will be able to transfer clan ownership to other clan members, increase the number of clan members as well as change the name and tag of the clan.


Everything in order:


Creating a clan


You can now find all the information about the clan system on the Wiki. When you create the clan, the familiar window will no longer be shown.

We care about safety, therefore, to solve the problem of hacking and the dissolution, clan creation now requires Two-Factor Authentication to be enabled.


Changing clan ownership


From now on, the clan owner will be able to change the clan ownership. To do so, simply press the button «Transfer clan ownership» in the options.
If the new clan owner also wants to transfer ownership, he will also need enabled Two-Factor Authentication.
A player who ceases to be the clan owner gets the Commander position.

Changing the clan leadership — 3000 Tankoins.


Clan information update


The clan leader will have the option to change the name and tag of the clan.



  • Changing the clan name — 1500 Tankoins.
  • Changing the clan tag — 1500 Tankoins. 

Increasing clan members


Clan owners will be able to increase the number of clan members through Tankoins. By default, a clan contains a maximum of 12 players, including the clan owner. You can buy as many places as you want, there is no limit to the number of places.


The price of each additional place — 500 Tankoins.


You can check out more details about tomorrow’s release here.

Enter the game tomorrow and do not forget to share your feedback in the comments!

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