Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th



The Carnival Parade contest has come to its conclusion. Here are our winners.


Congratulations and thank you all for participating. Hope you had fun! 🙂

As promised, we’ve awarded prizes in two categories.


The most massive parade


1st Place

Lightshot, Desi, th3ace, excelencia, LSHTV, waisper, mr_wilz, mart0_bs, SPARTAN_305_PRO, translate, black.listed, ksksndndn, Tank-100, Ghost_animator_89, dude_perfect, k.l.e.r.c.h.e


2nd Place

Lugia, Dynasty, Oliver_Control, Noice, Quello, babka401, 3eeK, Conquis, Quo, Exorcist, H3R3, QnA, Tyson, Dumbledore6969, Audition, I.Legend.I


3rd Place

chinufire1, cosmooss, Disimulation, Perks, MrBlood, Demonic.King, joshGTO, The_lol_skretcher, TheThunderKing, 69Baby, Aravharish_RT, ASAP, r_freeze_m12, Beraz, M.v.M


The most extraordinary screenshot


1st Place

UYU.Puma , l3eblueto, zeus12, K4n, Excelencia, junior_el_PRO, BIG_roberth14, MohaDead, Luis367, Bubble, josueabraham1999, EXO-TANKER, Oussama08


2nd Place

artc, King.David, theflamingo, i.Painfull, Shredini, skill_from_killer, Seraphina


3rd Place

Lightshot, Arcade, LSHTV, Clasher123_the_best, kostas0_pro, BIG_roberth14, lnfinity, Drop.Nation, rozana, Mr.LiceGuy, Translate, Strikey, alejandro2, Diesel888_RTL, zeus12, Benardo


Well done everyone and thank you all for participating in Carnival Parade!

The prizes will be sent out tonight, on August 30th.

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