Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Event: Summer Sport Games
Duration: 10 days
Starts: Friday, July 16th
Ends: Monday, July 26th

Important note: Unless otherwise stated, all events and activities start and end with the server restart at 02:00 UTC.


The hottest days of summer are coming! This year we have decided to make them even hotter with our new incredible event — the Summer Sport Games which will start on Friday, July 16th, and will last until 02:00 UTC on Monday, July 26th.

There will be A NEW SPECIAL GAME MODE, special missions, boosted funds and experience, Coinboxes and Ultra Containers, sales, valuable special offers, and a festive piggy bank for mobile players.

Special «Arms race» mode

From Friday, 16th July until 02:00 UTC on Monday July 19th, you can take part in the new special battle mode!

In the «Arms race» mode, players will need to earn battle points with equipment that changes during the battle.

How it works:

  • Hull — always Viking;
  • Equipment modification — Mk7;
  • Maps: Desert, Stadium, Osa;
  • Battle duration — 30 minutes, but…

Let’s take a deeper look at how it works and why you will rarely be playing for 30 minutes.

All players start with the same equipment — the Viking hull and Smoky turret.

After destroying some number of tanks (you will see the number in the game interface), you get another turret. The order of turrets is the same as the order in which they were released. You will start with the first ever turret – Smoky, and work your way up to the newest — the legendary «Tesla» turret. Yes, it means that everyone will have a chance to check out the new turret and decide whether to buy it or not!

Let us remind you the order of turrets:

  • Smoky
  • Firebird
  • Twins
  • Railgun
  • Isida
  • Thunder
  • Ricochet
  • Freeze
  • Shaft
  • Hammer
  • Vulcan
  • Striker
  • Magnum
  • Gauss
  • Tesla

And at the end you will find a surprise we have prepared for you!

The first player to reach the last level and to complete it by destroying the required number of tanks is the winner. And there can be only one winner, of course.

Take part in this no mercy fight and be the best in this continuously changing environment!

Boosted Funds and Experience

For the next 2 weekends (Friday, 16th-Monday 19th and Friday, 23rd-Monday 26th of July), get boosted funds and experience for every matchmaking battle! This will be a great chance to rank up faster and get access to new items if you haven’t unlocked them all yet, or just to get more crystals to upgrade your Garage.

Ultra Containers

Of course, you can’t forget about Ultra Containers, which you can earn for completing various special missions, as well as purchasing in the shop.

Here are some of the epic prizes you can get from these containers:

  • The new «Tesla» Mk1 turret;
  • Augments for Freeze, Hammer, Ricochet, Smoky, Striker, Vulcan, Railgun, Magnum, Gauss, and Shaft, as well as the legendary «Healing Emitters» augment for Shaft and «Vampire nanobots» augment for Isida;
  • The famous «Crisis» drone and «Armadillo» module;
  • Crystals, supplies, gold boxes;
  • Exclusive Ultra skins for Gauss, Vulcan, Thunder, and the luxury XT skin for Hopper;
  • The new animated «Glow» paint as well as animated «Ducks», «Integrated circuit» and «Black Sea» paints;
  • Shot effects for Gauss and Vulcan


As usual, Coinboxes will be available for purchase in the Shop during the event. If you are lucky enough to get 100 000 Tankoins out of them, don’t forget to share a screenshot on the forum!

There are other cool rewards too; make sure to check them out on the Wiki.

Festive piggy bank for mobile players

This weekend, from Friday, July 16th until the server restart on Monday July 19th, have a rest, go to a picnic or a BBQ party, but make sure to take your phone along with you for a couple battles on the go – we have prepared a special festive piggy bank for mobile players.

Earn battle points, win, and get 1.5x more crystals and Tankoins!


Get ready for discounts! There will be 3 days of them!

  • Discount: 30% on Shop Crystals, Kits, Golds and Stars!
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Friday, July 16th, 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Saturday, July 17th, 02:00 UTC
  • Discount: 30% on Garage Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Augments, Drones, Supplies and Batteries.
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Saturday, July 17th, 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Sunday, July 18th, 02:00 UTC
  • Discount: 30% & 50% on Upgrades & Speedups respectively
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Sunday, July 18th, 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Monday, July 19th, 02:00 UTC

Special Bundles in the Shop

Got a keen eye for a great deal? Cool. We’ve created two special bundles that will set you ahead of the competition at a really affordable price.

Special «Doping» bundle:

  • Animated «Nickel» paint
  • 300 Ultra Containers
  • Crusader Mk2
  • Crusader XT
  • Crusader’s «Stun Immunity» augment

Special «Daily Tankoins Pass» bundle:

  • 500 Tankoins instantly
  • 150 Tankoins each day for 30 days as a pre-completed special mission

We have checked the numbers and decided to make the «Daily Tankoins Pass» bundle even more profitable for players. Its price will be lowered, while the content will remain the same.

These bundles will be exclusively available in the Shop starting on Friday, July 16th until 02:00 UTC on Monday July 26th.

Special missions

You can never have enough Ultra Containers. Complete the special missions to get them and… stars!

Super Mission: Champion’s Gold!
Task: Complete «Marathoner», «Athlete», «Powerlifter», «Pharmacy» and «Sprinter» missions.
Prize: 10 Ultra Containers and 150 stars

  • Mission: Marathoner
  • Task: Earn 20 000 battle points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Athlete
  • Task: Destroy 300 tanks using light hulls (Wasp, Hornet, Hopper) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Powerlifter
  • Task: Destroy 300 tanks using heavy hulls (Ares, Titan, Mammoth) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Pharmacy
  • Task: Use repair kit 300 times in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars
  • Mission: Sprinter
  • Task: Use «Speed Boost» supply 300 times in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

You have 3 days to claim rewards for completed missions.

Themed Decorations

Throughout the days of the event, we’ll have themed decorations in the game:

  • A holiday-themed paint;
  • Holiday-themed billboards on all maps;
  • Special parachutes for drop boxes;
  • Holiday-themed gold box skin and drop zone.

We will be waiting for your reviews of the new special game mode! Have fun!