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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello tankers!


Little green men are back to win your hearts!

Traditionally, they arrive in the Tanki Online universe once a year to celebrate UFO Day with us!


Let’s meet them with unprecedented warmth!

So, here are the details:

  • The delegation arrives (the beginning of the holiday) at 02:00 UTC June 25th.
  • The delegation flies back (the end of the holiday) at 02:00 UTC July 5th.

In the programme: meteor showers, boosted funds and experience, festive piggy bank for mobile players, Coinboxes and Ultra Containers, two special modes, sales, special offers, and special missions!


X2 boosted funds and experience


Play in MM battles and earn even more!

From June 25th 02:00 UTC till June 28th 02:00 UTC and from July 2nd 02:00 UTC till July 5th 02:00 UTC you will get twice as much experience in battle! As well as this, battle funds will be twice as much as the current rate!


More gold boxes! Meteor shower!


Be cautious, they say that when aliens come to our universe, gold boxes turn into meteorites and when they fall they destroy everything around. The meteor shower holds many secrets: a goldbox or a Container will be waiting for you in the meteorite’s crater.


Updated Ultra Containers


Of course, don’t forget about Ultra Containers, which you can earn for completing various special missions, as well as purchasing them in the shop.

One more chance to get the new «Tesla» turret before anyone else – from Ultra Containers!


Here are other prizes you also may get from these containers:

  • The daring new «Healing Emitters» augment for Shaft and «Vampire nanobots» augment for Isida
  • Augments for Hammer, Freeze, Smoky, Ricochet, Vulcan, Striker, Railgun, Gauss, Magnum and Shaft.
  • «Crisis» drone, «Armadillo» module, Ultra skins for Striker, Railgun, Mammoth, and the luxury XT skin for Ares.
  • Crystals, supplies, gold boxes.
  • Shot effects for Gauss and Vulcan
  • The animated paints «Ducks», «Fidget toy», «Integrated circuit», «Flywheel», and more!



Aliens love to open boxes. Let’s open them together!

If you are lucky enough to get 100 000 Tankoins out of them, share a screenshot on the forum!

There are other cool rewards too; make sure to check them out on the Wiki.


Festive piggy bank


This is specifically for mobile tankers – people who can enter Tanki anywhere and anytime. During the UFO Day celebrations, a festive piggy bank will appear in the mobile version of the game.

Earn battle points, win, and get 1.5 times more crystals and Tankoins.


Special game modes


This time we will have 2 special modes!


Starting from June 25th 02:00 UTC till June 28th 02:00 UTC:

  • Mode: «Deathmatch»‎
  • Maps: Yorkshire, Solikamsk and Kungur
  • Increased gold meteorites rate

Starting from July 2nd 02:00 UTC till July 5th 02:00 UTC:

  • Mode: «Deathmatch»‎
  • Maps: Desert, Stadium, Parma
  • Increased gold meteorites rate
  • Additional rules: No overdrives



No holiday could not be merry without sales!

  • Friday, June 25th 02:00 UTC — June 26th 02:00 UTC
  • 30% off in the Shop on crystals, gold boxes, product kits and stars.

  • Saturday, June 26th 02:00 UTC — June 27th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off in the Garage on turrets, hulls, modules, augments, drones, supplies (inc. batteries) and paints.

  • Sunday, June 27th 02:00 UTC — June 28th 02:00 UTC:
  • 30% off on micro-upgrades and 50% on their speedups.

Special bundles


Many of you want to get more and pay less. Don’t worry!

From June 25th 02:00 UTC till July 5th 02:00 UTC tankers and aliens will be able to buy two special bundles containing the following items:


Special «Speed of light» bundle:

  • 20 Ultra Containers
  • 50 repair kits 
  • «Trickster» drone

Special «Dark matter» bundle:

An advantageous summer deal! Everything you need to spend this summer cool:

  • Animated «Black Sea» paint
  • 250 Ultra Containers
  • «Thunder Ultra» skin
  • Thunder Mk2

Special missions


A business trip is not a holiday. Our alien friends are bringing us special missions! And completing them will earn you some cool rewards!

Important: Starting from this event, you have only 3 days to claim rewards for completing missions.

  • Supermission: Stop the invasion!
  • Task: Complete «Intergalactic Gold», «Space Marine», «Protector of Earth» and «Last Stand» missions.
  • Prize: 10 Ultra Containers and 150 stars

  • Mission: Intergalactic Gold
  • Task: Catch 10 gold boxes in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Space Marine
  • Task: Earn 20 000 battle points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Protector of Earth
  • Task: Destroy 300 tanks using short-range turrets (Twins, Ricochet, Hammer) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Last Stand
  • Task: Use Overdrive 300 times in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

An alien pilot and Themed Decorations


Green men want to add their contribution to the holiday decorations!

For all days of the celebration, the appearance of drones will be changed to feature a UFO with an alien pilot, charging the owner with the power of space!


Also, enjoy the decorations:

  • A holiday-themed paint;
  • Holiday-themed billboards on all maps;
  • Special parachutes for drop boxes;
  • Holiday-themed gold box skin and drop zone.

Come into the game and don’t miss our annual meeting with the aliens!

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