Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!


We continue to remaster the default skins of all turrets and hulls! 


It’s time for the universal choice, the favorite of tournaments and the indispensable unit — Viking!

With the server restart on May 28, Viking’s current default skin will be replaced with the new HD version automatically, free-of-charge for all tankers.

The new Viking HD skin reveals the true personality of this hull. It’s everything you want in a new skin: high details, improved polygon quality, and a powerful engine to handle any task efficiently. Whether it’s racing in Aleksandrovsk or a harsh battle in Silence, Viking can do it all. 

Featuring high-value carbon-fibre plating on each side, above the tracks and in other places, playing with the new skin will be a novel experience to look forward to. 


The new «Jammer» status effect


The recently announced status effect will be added to Hunter’s OD. Now it will be applying the “Jammer” status effect.

The uniqueness of this effect lies in the fact that applying this status effect to a tank makes it impossible for the affected tank to use its Overdrive. Take advantage of this by destroying your enemies’ defences and stealing the flag – no one will be able to chase you (even by air!)


New augments


It’s not easy to pick which hull augment to use. Your enemies can destroy your armor with AP, or disable your supplies with EMP, or set you on fire… and the list goes on. But if you’re troubled the most by Jammer, then we have something to show you – the new “Jammer Immunity” augment! Get, equip it, and your enemies will never come between you and your Overdrive ever again.

You can obtain the new hull augments out of the updated Ultra Containers found in the Shop.

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