Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!


On June 4th Tanki Online will turn 12 years old! Yes, already 12!


Our game has seen a lot over these years. We have prepared a lot of releases, held thousands of events and contests, and you cannot even imagine how many interesting activities are coming! We have a lot of plans and goals. We promise you to keep soaring to the new heights.


And now, we announce our festive programme:


Starting from May 28th 02:00 UTC till June 14th 02:00 UTC, prepare yourself for a load of fun – festive decorations, special Gold Boxes, festive missions, boosted funds and experience, coinboxes, updated Ultra Containers, festive game modes, sales, special offers, surprises and more!




This party will be out of this world! 50% ON ALMOST EVERYTHING — in the Shop and the Garage.

  • May 28th 02:00 UTC — May 29th 02:00 UTC:
    Sales in the Shop on crystals, Gold Boxes, product kits, stars and Ultra Containers.
  • May 29th 02:00 UTCMay 30th 02:00 UTC:
    Sales in the Garage on turrets, hulls, modules, augments, drones, supplies (including batteries) and paints.
  • May 30th 02:00 UTC May 31st 02:00 UTC:
    Sales on upgrades and their speed-ups

Double Funds and Experience


During the event, get boosted double funds and experience for every matchmaking battle! It’s the perfect opportunity to rank up faster and get access to new items if you haven’t unlocked them all or to get more crystals to upgrade your Garage.


Special Gold Box


In honor of our birthday, during the whole event, we will be introducing a special Gold Box. And when we say the special, we mean THE SPECIAL. Catch Gold Boxes and if you are patient, skillful, and lucky enough, you may catch the special one with 12 000 crystals inside. May the odds be in your favor!


Special Missions


What can be better than special missions? Only special pre-completed missions and 2 special super missions! Just enter the game everyday, open the «Missions» section and claim your rewards within 24 hours after you have received a mission. If you get them all, you will also complete the «A Mountain of Gifts» supermission and will become a participant of the special giveaway with Tanki merch and 5 Tesla turrets in prizes! 😉

  • Second supermission: Happy birthday!
  • Task: Complete «Present», «Party», «Birthday Cake», «Afterparty», and «Balloons» missions.
  • Prize: 15 Ultra Containers and 150 stars

  • Mission: Present
  • Task: Earn 30000 battle points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Party
  • Task: Use your Overdrive 300 times in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Birthday Cake
  • Task: Destroy 300 tanks in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Afterparty
  • Task: Finish 30 battles in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

  • Mission: Balloons
  • Task: Use Repair Kits 300 times in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1 Container and 50 stars

Ultra Containers


Of course, don’t forget about Ultra Containers, which you can earn for completing various special missions, as well as purchasing them in the shop.

Here are the prizes you can get from these containers:

  • The new «Jammer Immunity» augment for all hulls.
  • The daring new «Healing Emitters» augment for Shaft and «Vampire nanobots» augment for Isida
  • Augments for Hammer, Freeze, Ricochet, Shaft, Smoky, Striker, Vulcan, Gauss, Railgun and Magnum.
  • «Crisis» drone, «Armadillo» module, Ultra skins for Mammoth, Striker, Railgun, Gauss, Viking, Hunter, Hornet and the luxury XT skins for Hopper, Ares and Crusader.
  • Crystals, supplies, Gold Boxes.
  • Shot effects for Gauss and Vulcan
  • The animated paints «Integrated circuit», «Flywheel», and more!



As usual, Coinboxes will be available for purchase in the Shop during the event. If you are lucky enough to get 100 000 Tankoins out of them, share a screenshot on the forum!

There are other cool rewards too; make sure to check them out on the Wiki.


Festive Gamemodes


Do not know how to spend your weekend? Spend it with Tanki!

Play in the holiday matchmaking modes and have tons of fun!


From May 28th 02:00 UTC till May 30th 02:00 UTC:

Learn parkour tricks and try to catch Gold Boxes in this first mode:

  • Maps: Year 2042, Silence, Polygon
  • Low gravity settings
  • DM mode
  • Wasp and Thunder auto-equipped
  • Increased Gold Box rate

From June 4th 02:00 UTC till June 7th 02:00 UTC:

While coronavirus is still alive, it’s still better to keep social distancing, so we invite you to our e-party!

Rugby, a stadium full of fans and waves of emotions:

  • Maps: Massacre, Dusseldorf
  • Juggernaut auto-equipped
  • Mode: Rugby
  • Task: Score more goals than your opponents! 

Starting from June 11th till June 14th:

The old but gold Wasp-Firebird mode! Run away from the fire!

  • Map: Polygon
  • Wasp and Firebird auto-equipped
  • Mode: CP
  • Increased Gold Box rate

Special offers


Starting from May 28th 02:00 UTC, special offers will be available in the Shop!

Special «Gift Bundle» offer available in the Shop till June 14th 02:00 UTC.

  • Viking Mk2
  • Thunder Mk2
  • Grizzly Mk2 protection module
  • Viking XT
  • Thunder XT
  • «Light Organ» paint
  • Viking’s «Stun Immunity» augment
  • Thunder’s «”Sledgehammer” rounds» augment
  • «Booster» drone
  • 60 Ultra Containers

The special «Daily Tankoins Pass» offer will also be available in the Shop till June 8th 02:00 UTC.
After you purchase this offer, you instantly get 500 tankoins and will unlock completed daily special missions for the next 30 days. Every day, you will get one of these missions – simply enter the game and claim your 150 tankoins.

Even more special offers will be available in honor of this important holiday. In addition to the items you get from these special offers, you also will get a chance to win some other cool prizes! These offers will be available till June 28th 02:00 UTC.


Special «Fortunate» offer

  • 15 Containers
  • 15 Ultra Containers
  • 5 Gold Boxes
  • A chance to become a participant of the «Tanki Fund» giveaway

Special «The Winner» offer

  • «Hyperion» drone
  • 300 Ultra Containers
  • 1500 tankoins
  • guaranteed participation in the «Tanki Fund» giveaway

Themed Decorations


Throughout the whole event, we’ll have themed decorations in the game:

  • Themed «Holiday» paint; 
  • Festive billboards on all maps;
  • Festive parachutes;
  • Festive Gold Box and its dropzone skins.

Celebrate the birthday of «Tanki Online» with us! And stay tuned as we announce even more fun festive activities!

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