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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

It’s time to reveal all the cards, for the first time in “Tanki Online”!

On April 12, we are heading out on a fascinating space journey! Hurry up – pack your bags and take your good spirits and positive attitude with you. The flight will be exciting!

More details:

We are launching the “Tanki in Space” mini-game tomorrow, which will last 18 days: from April 12 2 AM UTC until April 30 2 AM UTC. In this mini-game, we will travel through a galaxy and earn wonderful game bonuses.

How to participate?

After registering on the website you will enter the space world of Tanki, a place filled with many stations and planets.

Your task: advance through the stations and conquer new planets.

You can move one or two stations each turn. There will be special stations that can send you both a few steps forward or backward on your way.  

Of course, you will need energy to move.

What is energy and how do I get it?

This is a new and a very important resource, which you can use to move through the intergalactic space.

You can get energy in three ways:

  1. By completing daily missions;
  2. By completing special missions, which will appear daily during the whole event;
  3. By purchasing new special offers, premium, and tankoins.

You can track how much energy you currently have on the event website. To make a turn, you will need 8 energy.


Conquering the depths of space is a difficult task, so there will be a lot of prizes for brave tankers!

For moving through stations and planets, you will receive the following prizes:

  • tankoins;
  • crystals;
  • supplies;
  • gold boxes;
  • Ultra Containers;
  • Hopper XT;
  • Crisis drone.

Each station gives you different prizes. Hopper XT is somewhere in the middle of your journey. And only the most patient, persistent and selfless tankers will earn the super-prize – powers Crisis drone, which helped many tankers dominate in battle.

The rewards can be collected by traveling in both directions (backwards and forwards), but are given out to the tankers only if they reach a Planet.

So, are you ready? Then be sure to meet us tomorrow on an interplanetary station and conquer the depths of space!

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