YouTubers VS Developers
Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd


We continue to remaster the default skins of turrets and hulls! 

It’s time for the legendary hull that you see on each eSports livestream, the one that was the first hull for most of our lovely tankers, to get a makeover.


Welcome Hunter HD!


With the servers restart on March 5th, default Hunter’s skin will be replaced with the new HD version automatically and will be free for all tankers.

It’s everything you want in a new skin: high details, improved polygon quality, and special rear engines for strong backfire. Playing with the new skin will give you a novel experience to look forward to. 

And considering the hull’s ability to stun opponents, you get the ideal universal combo for any battle. 




Hunter is not going to receive new augments with this update, but the other two augments for Railgun will be released:

  • EMP rounds

When these rounds hit a target, they apply the EMP status effect, disabling activated supplies. The effect doesn’t last long but is applied with every shot.

  • Cryo rounds

A variant of large caliber Railgun but with cryo rounds. These rounds decrease the temperature of targets that they hit. The power of the freezing effect isn’t that great, but the effect works every time.


You can get the new augments out of the Ultra Containers, which you can purchase in the Shop or get for completing special missions during the International Women’s Day celebrations.

You can find all the changes planned for this update here.