Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers! 


With the restart on March 26, Tanki will receive a major and significant update: all turrets will receive a «critical damage» and their random damage distribution will disappear.


Let’s figure everything out: why do we need this?


We have been actively working on turret augments that interact with the status effects. They change the characteristics of the opponent’s tank for a certain period of time. For example, they pierce the armor or stun the tank.

There are a lot of ideas to create even more interesting mechanics for such augments, but we could not work on them before because of some problems. We had to make new Railgun augments weaker so it wasn’t too difficult to play against them. Because of this, we decided we needed another solution: either introducing critical damage or reworking the damage distribution entirely. For the latter, the habits developed through years of playing with this turret would lose importance.


Because of this, we decided that it is necessary to make the balancing process of turrets and augments easier. We created a mechanism, and this is how it will work:

  • Removes the random damage distribution from all turrets;
  • Adds critical damage to all turrets, just like Smoky, but with different damage multipliers for each turret.

With this change, we get a flexible mechanism that allows us to add augments with status effects for all turrets in the game.


Critical damage mechanics


Critical damage is a separate type of damage. It is not affected by protections.

However, supplies and drones will affect critical damage. If the target can be reached with a shot, critical damage will not decrease with increasing distance. Each individual turret will have it’s own critical damage chance.

Critical damage can be caused by splash damage. Depending on the turret, the critical splash damage radius may differ from the normal projectile splash radius. Critical damage also remains constant within the splash radius.

It is impossible to deal critical damage on yourself as well as on a teammate (in PRO battles with friendly fire ON).

To make it easier for you to get used to the new system, almost all turrets have critical damage equal to the standard damage of these turrets. We will gradually change the balance of each turret in future updates, increasing or decreasing the critical damage.


Critical damage on different turrets


Firebird and Freeze:

  • The critical damage will replace one of the normal damage tics;
  • Heat and freezing effects are not affected by the critical damage.


  • The critical damage will replace one of the normal damage tics;
  • Different critical healing and critical damage chances;
  • The critical damage and critical healing chance increase during both healing and dealing damage.


  • Enemies receive the same critical damage – it does not depend on how many bullets hit the target.


  • Nothing will change for Smoky, it will deal the new type of «critical» damage, just like the other turrets.


  • The critical damage chance is calculated differently for every rocket.


  • The armor piercing coefficient does not affect critical damage while piercing many targets.

Gauss, Shaft:

  • Critical damage exists only for the arcade firing mode.

Terminator (Juggernaut):

  • Normal shots deal critical damage;
  • Rockets do not deal critical damage.


  • Mines lose its random damage, just like turrets;;
  • Mines will now deal critical damage.

New positive status effect – «Supercharge»


This status effect temporarily gives a 100% chance to deal critical damage. «Supercharge» can be imposed:

  • by Dictator’s Overdrive on itself and allies;
  • by Hornet’s Overdrive only on itself.

We will add new options to get the «Supercharge» status-effect in the future, for example when picking up certain drop boxes in the battle.

Will not be released this time



Now that all turrets have critical damage, it’s time to introduce a new protection module that protects against critical damage along with this update. It will be available only from Ultra Containers.

In turn, the «Armor Piercing» status effect removes protection from critical damage, as well as protection from any other type of damage.


Visual Effects in Battle


In game, the visual effects for critical shots will resemble those of Smoky: each critical shot will have a lightning effect as well as a yellow damage indicator.

You can see who has critical damage protection in the battle simply by pressing TAB. If the player has protection from both critical damage and your turret, the turret protection will be shown next to the player’s nickname.


Battle Settings


It will not be possible to turn off critical damage, even in PRO battles.

Some augments received a few changes with the new update. The most significant one is Railgun.


Which augments do you want to see in the game next? Drop some suggestions for us in the comments!

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