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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!

We’re continuing to modernize the looks of our default skins!

This time, Railgun – a classic turret, the choice of professionals, and a legendary eSports icon – is next in line to receive a makeover. Yes, that’s true.

Introducing Railgun HD!

This new skin, like all of the HD skins, will keep the original look, but also receive new innovative technologies.

Railgun’s looks stronger, more brutal and more powerful with its new model. You can feel the power of every shot, every charge, its unstoppable shot.

Additionally, the remodeled skin will get some special effects, such as barrel recoil and the iconic smoke effect after the shot. However, there will be no sleeves and no projectiles since Railgun has no sleeves and the shot moves too fast to even see.

As previously mentioned, you will not need to buy the new HD skin. It will just replace the old skin with the server restart on the 19th of February by default. 


As we already said in the previous episode of the V-LOG, there will be two new augments released with the new skin:

  • «Incendiary rounds»
    Literally heats rounds inside the barrel before shooting. These rounds don’t just deal damage to a target, they also set fire to it.
  • «Stun rounds»
    An improved process of concentrating energy before firing allows rounds to stun targets for a short time when they are hit. Lets you confuse opponents and assist in the defence of your base. Takes more time to heat up the barrel before shooting.

You will be able to get new augments from the updated Ultra Containers, which will appear in the game with the Iron Days celebrations.

Enter the game and check out the updated Railgun model!

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