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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!

We start this year productively — new augments, events, remasterting Smoky and Hornet.


Even more interesting stuff is coming with this update! Intrigued? Let’s check the details!


New currency


Yes, that’s it! With the server restart on January 29th, a new currency will appear in the game — «Shards»!

Its main feature is that it is free. You can get shards almost effortlessly. How? Let’s find out.


Roughly speaking, «Shards» are parts of containers. Once you have collected the required number of shards, you can exchange them for a container.


Ways of collecting shards:


  • Completing daily missions — 30 / 50 / 70 Shards (depends on how difficult a mission is) in addition to other rewards.
  • Ads.
    • You can watch ads only on the mobile version of the game and only once per 7 minutes. You can reset the timer by finishing a matchmaking battle.
  • Get a free shard once every 800 seconds.
    • To start getting free shards, a player needs to enter the game;
    • Once you have 100 shards, you won’t be able to redeem any more for free;
    • To maximize the benefits, immediately exchange shards for a container and enter the game every day.


Exchanging shards for containers:


  • You can exchange 100 shards for 1 container. To do so, you need to click on the icon to the right of the shards progress bar.
    • The shards progress bar under the container icon shows your progress in collecting shards.
    • When you can exchange shards for a container, a red dot indicator badge appears on the container icon and on the containers section’s icon so you can redeem your shards as quickly as possible.


  • You may collect as many shards as you want. Each 100 shards can be exchanged for a container.
    • Example: If you have collected 200 shards, you can exchange them for 2 containers, 300 shards – 3 containers, and so on.


For now, the aforementioned methods are the only ways you can obtain shards. Later, we may add more ways of getting the new currency. Keep an eye on announcements.




Last year, we implemented 2 experiments in Matchmaking and have received a lot of feedback from you as well as suggestions to improve the changes. Thanks for not remaining indifferent and sharing your feedback. We have done a lot of work analyzing your opinions and decided to make the following changes which will make the game more comfortable and dynamic.



  • Maps size and number of players depend on players’ ranks. The higher players’ ranks are, the more players there are in battles and the larger maps are.
  • Now, the number of players in an MM battle depends on the size of the map.
  • Now, the list of available maps depends on the number of players in an MM group.
  • The higher your rank is, the more players you may invite. The maximum number of players in a group is 4 (including a group leader).


Rename your account


The long-awaited feature of renaming your account will finally appear in the desktop and mobile versions of the game.

We have made the process much easier. Now, you can change your nickname right in the «Account» section of the settings.

The price of changing your nickname remains the same — 2000 tankoins.


Please Note: After the server restart on January 29th, the Rename Pass item will disappear from the game. You will receive a compensation of 2000 tankoins for each pass you own prior to the restart.


Crusader Sounds


We got some feedback from you about Crusader sounds needing some fixes. With this release, we are removing excessive whistle sound, so it will be much more comfortable to play on Crusader with sounds enabled.


Miscellaneous Changes


This Friday, we will also make some changes to the layout and texts of the Garage, challenge screen, battles list, and PRO battle results screen.


  • Fixed the bug with inviting friends to an «unavailable» PRO battle.
  • Fixed the bug with battles list disappearing after using search feature;
  • Improvements of equipping items by double click;
  • Added a clan members section to the friends screen;
  • Copied the «Victory», «Defeat» and «Draw» screens from the mobile version to the desktop one.


You may check the full list of changes here.


We have done a lot of work, so we would appreciate your feedback about these recent changes in the comments.

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