YouTubers VS Developers

Hello, tankers!


Starting from January 15th 02:00 UTC the new «Crusader» hull will be available to buy in the Garage.


Crusader is a medium hovering hull. A tank of this type should be equally good in both attack, and in defense. It should have a balance of armour and speed. It has its own gun, which fires with the activation of the overdrive. The projectile fired is made out of a thick layer of ice, and is shaped like an icicle for better aerodynamics. The missile freezes the enemy, deals insane damage, and applies an “Armor-Piercing” effect.


Early Crusader was available only for those who got it from Ultra Containers.


Now, every tanker can buy it!


We remind you that you can get augments for Crusader from Ultra Containers, as well as the exclusive XT skin, which lovers of luxury and individuality will enjoy.


Enter your garage tomorrow, purchase the new hull, and discover new gameplay possibilities! Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section.

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