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eSports 2020 Results


This year was particularly rich of eSports events in Tanki Online: 

  • 34 Blitz tournaments took place including 10 full-scale tournaments, half of which were clan tournaments;
    • 2 000 players played 3 000 matches;
    • More than 250 000 players visited the eSports portal in total.


Let us look back at what the world eSports was like this year. 


  • The first tournament of the year was Masters of the Sword, where the players
    could win the Impulse Paint and a special module with 20% protection against all turrets and mines. In this tournament, the English-speaking Penguins clan retained their champion status having won the tournament in 2019. They won under the guidance of the notorious FinalStage, taking home their second victory in a row this year. Needless to say, this is truly a tremendous achievement!


  • After MOTS, a series of ranking Blitzes was launched to determine the strongest clans that would qualify for the second league. The revival of Team Pointers began performing under the leadership of Mr.BaHbKa123. This team got into the second league without much trouble and took part in the second major clan tournament of 2020, which was held in the Setups format. Having gone the longest possible way, Team Pointers defeated Team Empire Army in the Grand Final and received the prestigious Star paint with a Spectrum B module that protects against all turrets and mines by 20%.. 


After these tremendous events, we took a break from big tournaments and held two smaller tournaments: Summer Light and the oldest tournament in the Tanki eSports, TOF Dream Team.


  • Thirty-two teams participated in the Summer Light tournament, among which the LaWs team showed the best results and achieved the championship status.


  • TOF Dream Team was held in a completely new format: overdrives and augments for hulls were allowed, and micro-upgrades were allowed. This made the tournament as close to normal matchmaking as possible. At the beginning of the tournament, Eternity were the favorites to win it, who took 2nd place at MOTS, and Team Pointers, who, after winning the Setups tournament, established themselves as one of the strongest teams.
  • However, the real surprise of the tournament was Control, the clan that managed to knock out Eternity of the upper grid at the very beginning. Then, they successfully made it to the finals. However, Control gave up a bit, and Team Pointers met Eternity in the Grand Final. 
  • Team Pointers were the main contenders for the victory before the start of the Grand Final, however, Eternity demonstrated their determination and a strong will to win by not giving a single chance to their rivals. This was the first victory of the team in 2020. Eternity took away the prestigious Acid paint, with a module of 20% against all mines and turrets.


The main event of 2020 was of course, the Clan Championship, the main goal of all, because that’s where the Champion, Silver, and Bronze paints are drawn. Twenty-four teams participated in this tournament. Eternity, Team Pointers, Revenge, and Legacy went to Play-Offs. Then, after a two-week break, we had a total blast!  After seven days of hard matches and intense battles, Revenge took the title. It was them, who made it to the upper grid, leaving no chance for Eternity and Team Pointers, and then defeated Team Pointers in the Grand Final for the second time and took the most prestigious paint of the game – Champion, with a 25% module against all turrets and mines. 


Best eSports Players of 2020


Traditionally, summing up the year, we also would like to announce the best eSports player of 2020!




For his achievements this year, he will be awarded with: 


  • 1 000 000 crystals,
  • Any skin for a turret and a hull of his choice
  • 4 months of premium account.
  • 50 containers
  • 4 kits «Batteries-750»




We also want to point out players, who achieved very high results this year: Marekos1111 and lenyamal.


As a reward, they will get 500 000 crystals, 2 months of premium, 20 containers and the “Batteries-750” kit!


Preparing for next year. A survey.


Preparations for next year’s tournaments are already underway. While the organizers are working on the technical part of preparing new tournaments, we would like to know what you guys want to see in 2021.


We have already launched a survey, and every eSports player who played at least one clan match in 2020 can take part in it. We want to know your personal opinion about the format of the tournaments, the number of transfers, as well as what format, in your opinion, is the best at the moment.


Be sure to vote in the survey as every vote is important! The results of this survey will shape next year’s calendar and the format of all tournaments.


Link – https://new.tankisport.com/polls/16/


We would like to thank all the teams for the incredibly interesting matches in 2020!
We look forward to seeing you all in the next year!

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