Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th

Hello, tankers!


While reviewing your feedback, we realized that you really want some major changes in the game. We have already reworked challenges and missions, and we’re happy that you liked it! This time we have something completely new to enhance gameplay and inspire you to play more. The cause of this update is to make battles more strategically interesting and let you spend more time in the battle itself, rather than spending time respawning.


Starting from the servers’ restart on November 4th, we will make some changes in the game that will last for 2 weeks:

  • The amount of health and the amount of energy for some turrets (Firebird, Isida, Freeze, Ricochet, and Twins) will be doubled.
    For example, Hornet Mk7+ will have 4000 hit points instead of 2000;
  • Large maps will be removed from the pool of possible Matchmaking maps (Мagistral, Highways, Massacre, Stadium, Solikamsk, Brest, Wolfenstein, and Yorkshire);
  • The maximum number of players on one team will be decreased to 6;
  • Battle duration will be reduced to 5 minutes.
  • Overall damage will increase for the Overdrives of the following hulls:
    • Viking (overdrive action time will be doubled);
    • Wasp (bomb damage will be doubled).


Obviously, this is just a test. We want to see how these new characteristics will affect the current gameplay and what you think about it.


Of course, you will ask us why we didn’t test these changes on the test servers. Let’s face it, this is a really audacious experiment; we have decided that a massive test is necessary. Additionally, all of you will be able to test the changes and leave your feedback about them, not only those of you that manage to get into the test servers.
This test will last for 2 weeks and will conclude on November 18th, at 02:00 UTC.


We would appreciate it if you answer the following questions after 3-4 days of playing with the new changes:

  • Do you think that there were less occasions when you were destroyed where you spawned and were consequently completely useless to your team?
  • How did the benefit of well-timed overdrives and drones change?
  • How did the importance of team gameplay change?
  • Could this experiment change your interest in the game?
  • Do you have any suggestions on how to improve these changes?


During these 2 weeks, starting from November 4th, 02:00 UTC till November 18th, 02:00 UTC, we will also have a “Mad Tanks” event!
Complete missions, get cool prizes and be an invincible Juggernaut in the festive DM mode.


Special missions


These missions will definitely help you to complete the challenge!


Mission: Supermission: Superhero!
Task: Complete «Avada Kedavra», «Thor’s Hammer», «Rage», «Hercules», and «Destroy the boss» missions.
Prize: 5 ultra containers


Mission: Avada Kedavra
Task: Finish 15 Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 50 stars


Mission: Thor’s Hammer
Task: Deal 1 000 000 damage to opponents in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 100 stars


Mission: Rage
Task: Destroy 300 tanks in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 150 stars


Mission: Hercules
Task: Earn 50 000 battle points in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 5 ultra containers


Mission: Destroy the boss
Task: Destroy 5 Juggernauts in the DM mode in Matchmaking battles.
Prize: 2 containers




Coinboxes will return for this special event, with a chance to drop up to 100 000 tankoins. You can find them in the Shop.

  • 1 tankoin
  • 10 tankoins
  • 30 tankoins
  • 40 tankoins
  • 50 tankoins
  • 100 tankoins
  • 200 tankoins
  • 300 tankoins
  • 500 tankoins
  • 1 000 tankoins
  • 2 000 tankoins
  • 3 000 tankoins
  • 100 000 tankoins
  • 1 000 crystals
  • 2 000 crystals
  • 5 000 crystals
  • 15 000 crystals
  • 30 000 crystals
  • 30 speed boosts
  • 30 mines
  • 30 double armours
  • 30 double damages
  • 30 repair kits
  • 15 batteries


Starting from November 4th, 02:00 UTC till November 18th, 02:00 UTC, you may find them in the Shop.


Special mode


Starting from November 7th, 02:00 UTC until November 9th, 02:00 UTC


Rock an invincible Juggernaut in the festive DM mode and control the map! During the upcoming weekend, everybody will be the Juggernaut!


The details of this unique mode are as follows:

  • The battles will all be in the Deathmatch mode;
  • Battles will be one of three random maps: Yorkshire, Magistral, and Highways;
  • Lots of gold boxes will drop;
  • Each player in the battle will sport the Juggernaut and Terminator combination.


See you on the battlefield!

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