Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th

Welcome to the GAME — our traditional quest in which any tanker may win containers, supplies, premium pass, tankoins, drones, a «Dream Tank» and even a smartphone from our partners Nokia 3.2.


For those who are not familiar with our quests, The GAME is a collection of puzzles and riddles that you will need to solve during the 5 days of the quest. Each day of the event starts at 09:00 UTC with a special video in which you can find the first clue. Next, you will have to solve our mind-breaking riddles in order to find the word of the day, which you will need to enter as the final result of the day after completing the real puzzle, consisting of parts of an image.


ATTENTION!!! Your result will not be accepted if you haven’t solved the last puzzle.


This GAME will be held in honour of our Tanki Online Meetup event.


Unfortunately, this year we have been denied the opportunity to go on holiday and travel abroad (with a few exceptions). Most of you spent this summer without leaving your home. That’s why we suggest you to go on a round-the-world voyage with our quest!


So, the theme of our GAME is geography and travelling. During this quest we will check not only your knowledge of the game but also of other cultures, geography and the continents.

Keep this in mind as it is our first clue for you, and it will help you in all the riddles. Mindfulness and intelligence will be your main allies. Good luck!


DISCLAIMER: Some riddles cannot be translated into multiple languages, since the hints depend on a specific sequence of words. For this reason, there will only be two language versions of THE GAME — Russian and English. However, you can send your final answer in Russian, English, German and Polish.


We have received a lot of your feedback about our previous GAME quest and took it into consideration while preparing this one. We will only be holding the quest during weekends so neither school nor work will stop you from participating.


The quest will start on October 2nd and finish on October 20th, but there are some other dates to be written in your calendars.



  • Start of registration — October 2nd 09:00 UTC.
  • Start of the GAME (1st day & video) — October 3rd 09:00 UTC.
  • 2nd day & video — October 4th 09:00 UTC.
  • 3rd day & video — October 10th 09:00 UTC.
  • 4th day & video — October 11th 09:00 UTC.
  • End of registration — October 11th 20:59 UTC. After this time you won’t be able to register to participate in the GAME.
  • Start of the last 5th GAME day — October 17th 09:00 UTC.
  • End of accepting the last 5th answer — October 18th 09:00 UTC.
  • End of accepting entries — October 18th 20:59 UTC.
  • Announcing and rewarding winners — October 20th during the day.


In order to participate in this event, you need to sign up on the GAME website by entering your username and password from your Tanki Online account.


Important: Players who use Google, Facebook and other verification services to enter the game, will be able to participate in the event and log in on the website only after writing to help@tankionline.com to receive password for an account.


By completing each quest, you will receive game points. The faster you enter a correct answer, the more points you get. Your reward will depend on how many points you earn. Each participant can enter the answer only once per day.


The first participant who enters the correct answer gets 100 points, the second one gets 99 points, the third one 98 and so on till the 90th place. All others correct entries after that will receive 10 points each. In case a player enters the wrong answer, the player will be able to change the answer during the final (fifth) day to receive 5 points.


Players can see their personal results after entering all the correct answers.



  • The player who gets the highest number of GAME points will receive the special «Game 2020» paint****, 500 of each supply*, 500 tankoins, 300 batteries, 50 containers, a week of Premium pass, a «Dream Tank»*** and a Nokia 3.2 smartphone.
  • The player who places second according to GAME points will receive the special «Game 2020» paint****, 400 of each supply*, 400 tankoins, 200 batteries, 40 containers, 5 days of Premium pass, and a drone of the player’s choice**.
  • The player who places third according to GAME points will receive the special «Game 2020» paint****, 300 of each supply*, 300 tankoins, 100 batteries, 30 containers, 3 days of Premium pass, and a drone of the player’s choice**.
  • Players who place 4th-10th according to GAME points will receive the special «Game 2020» paint****, 200 of each supply*, 200 tankoins, 100 batteries, 20 containers, 2 days of Premium pass**.
  • Players who place 11th-100th according to GAME points will receive the special «Game 2020» paint****, 50 of each supply*, 50 tankoins and 5 containers.
  • Players who don’t make it into the TOP-100 but earn a minimum of 30 GAME points will receive 20 of each supply.
  • Players who don’t make it into the TOP-100 but earn a minimum of 25 GAME points will receive 10 of each supply.


There is no prize for players who fail to find all 5 words.


* — repair kit, double damage, double armour, speed boost, mine

** — fully upgraded

*** «Dream Tank» — fully upgraded turret, hull and module available at the player’s rank

**** — if you already have the «GAME 2020» paint, you won’t receive any compensation.


Ask your questions and discuss the process of the GAME in this topic.


Good luck, tankers!

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