Ultra Weekend May 13th – 15th

Tankers, we have a surprise for you!


Tomorrow, a new hovercraft with outstanding manoeuvrability will be added to the game.


Please welcome the new «Hopper» hull, the second model in the hovering hulls line!

Hopper is a completely new creation, in which we considered all advantages of the previous hulls, hovering Ares and the mechanic of the overdrive.

This made it possible to turn fantastic ideas and long-awaited dreams of many tankers into reality.

The new hull hovers in the air and has outstanding manoeuvrability.

Instead of armour and a defence system, the hull has a detonation jumping engine which can toss your tank to significant heights.

Yes, Hopper jumps! To use this ability, you need to activate overdrive which will also stun and set fire to opponents. In addition, with the Crisis drone the hull can jump over the Sandbox map.


Discover new tactical possibilities!


Jump over barriers, launch a surprise attack into an enemy’s base, ionize the air and set fire to enemy tanks.

Powerful jumping engines allow Hopper to reach any section of the map, even on top of buildings. Powerful antigravs will provide stability in the air and precise aiming.

In skilled hands, this hull will reveal the world of “Tanki” from a new perspective.

It can surprise tankers in every battle, be obedient to control and most importantly be unpredictable for your enemies.


The hull is so cool and unusual, that we decided to make its release cool and unusual as well!
Do you want to become the owner of this new novelty and be the first to test its superpowers?

Then get your hands on  the special offer “Early Access”! 


If you buy it, you will get:

  • Hull Hopper Mk1
  • 100 updated ultra containers
  • “Heat Resistance” Augment for Hopper
  • “Cold Resistance” Augment for Hopper


You can buy the special offer in the Shop from 02:00 UTC on September 19 to 02:00 UTC on September 24.


And for lovers of individuality and luxury, together with the release of the new model, there will be an elite XT modification. The XT skin for Hopper can be obtained from the new ultra containers. Try your luck and stun enemies with your appearance!


Enter the game tomorrow and share your thoughts!

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