Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th
  • Event: Discount Weekend – September 2020
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Starts: Friday, September 25th
  • Ends: Monday, September 28th


Important note: Unless otherwise stated, all events and activities start and end with the server restart at 02:00 UTC.




The last two weekends didn’t turn out as well as we expected them to be due to the server issues we had. We are very sorry and will do our best to avoid a repetition of the situation.


We would like to improve the mood and prolong the joy of novelties by giving you an additional week to purchase the «Early access» bundle and…


Are you ready for another Crazy Discount Weekend?

Three days of discounts: Shop on Friday, Garage on Saturday, and Upgrades & Speedups on Sunday.


Additionally, for three full days, we’ll have:

  • Double Funds and Experience
  • A Special Bundle in the Shop
  • Coinboxes
  • Ultra containers




  • Discount: 25% on Shop Crystals, Kits, Golds
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Friday, September 25th
  • Ends: Saturday, September 26th


  • Discount: 25% on Garage Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Augments, Drones, Supplies, Batteries, Paints
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Saturday, September 26th
  • Ends: Sunday, September 27th


  • Discount: 25% & 50% on Upgrades & Speedups respectively
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Sunday, September 27th
  • Ends: Monday, September 28th




Coinboxes return for this special event, with a chance to drop up to 100 000 Tankoins. You can
find them in the Shop.

  • 1 Tankoin
  • 10 Tankoins
  • 30 Tankoins
  • 40 Tankoins
  • 50 Tankoins
  • 100 Tankoins
  • 200 Tankoins
  • 300 Tankoins
  • 500 Tankoins
  • 1 000 Tankoins
  • 2 000 Tankoins
  • 3 000 Tankoins
  • 100 000 Tankoins
  • 1 000 crystals
  • 2 000 crystals
  • 5 000 crystals
  • 15 000 crystals
  • 30 000 crystals
  • 30 speed boosts
  • 30 mines
  • 30 double armours
  • 30 double damages
  • 30 repair kits
  • 15 batteries


Ultra Containers


Of course, don’t forget about Ultra Containers, which you can get for completing various special missions, as well as purchase in the shop. From Ultra Containers, you can get a variety of awesome rewards: the cool Ares XT skin, supplies, gold boxes, days of Premium Pass, an assortment of the hottest paints, augments, XT and PR skins, coinboxes, a «Crisis» drone, or even our newest novelty – the «Hopper» hovering hull, augments and XT skin for it!


Special Bundle in the Shop


We have prolonged the «Early access» bundle so you still have a chance to check out the new Hopper hull earlier than others. This bundle comes with:


  • Hull Hopper Mk1
  • 100 updated Ultra Containers
  • “Heat Resistance” Augment for Hopper
  • “Cold Resistance” Augment for Hopper


Don’t miss it! Hopper can jump onto buildings, stun opponents, and best of all, catch containers like no other hull!


Special «Ultra Fight» Mission


You can never have too many Ultra Containers, right? Play MM battles, complete the mission and get Ultra Containers!


  • Mission: Ultra Fight
  • Task: Earn 20 000 points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 2 Ultra Containers


Double Battle Funds and Experience in MM battles


Make the best out of your action!

Every matchmaking battle you finish during the event will reward you with double Battle Funds and Experience Points for each battle.


Themed Decorations


Throughout the 3 days of the event, we’ll have themed decorations in the game — Holiday paint, Billboards on the maps, Holiday parachutes, Festive gold box skin, Festive gold box and drop zone skins.


So get ready to jump into the fray for three days of blazing combat starting with the server restart on Friday, September 25th.

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