YouTubers VS Developers

Hello, tankers!


With tomorrow’s server restart at 02:00 UTC on September 17th a new update will be released!


What’s new:


3D bushes


Since time immemorial, players thought that they were being watched. Wherever you go, these bushes were always watching you…


With tomorrow’s server restart, we will protect you from being watched by bushes in the HTML5 version of the game. The current bushes will be replaced with 3D ones. You should try hiding behind them…


If you do want to be watched, you can return to the old bushes in the settings menu.




They say that Magnum is the hardest turret to use in the game, and on the mobile version, it is almost impossible to use.

If you are a fan of this turret, your life will be much easier with this update. Now, with default Magnum, you can rotate your turret like any other turret. With the «Reinforced gun carriage», «Automated gunpowder loading mechanism», and «Mortar» augments, you will be able to change Magnum’s angle of elevation. And with the «Adrenaline» augment, you will only be able to rotate the turret horizontally.


In this release, we also changed the projectile trajectory for Magnum so that you will now have more opportunities to shoot behind cover. In order to compensate for reduced accuracy, we have increased splash damage.




Only some cosmetic changes: we improved shot effects and revamped the «Mysterious Red» shot effect.




We have finally fixed the pause bug which you reported to us many times. Now, the pause mode should work correctly when you are in the Garage.




More cosmetic changes. We refined how augments and skins are displayed in the Garage in the HTML5 version, added borders, updated icons and fixed how shot effects, skins, and augments look like when you have just received them.




We are constantly working on the mobile version to make the controls better and easier to use.


Auto shooting


We have received many reviews from you, telling us that it’s hard to control your tank. We came up with some alternative ways of controlling your tank, tested them and stopped at one of them.

Auto-firing mode will be added for the following turrets: Firebird, Freeze, Isida, Hammer, Twins, Ricochet, Smoky, Striker, Thunder, Railgun, Gauss, and Shaft.

As soon as your rounds can reach a target, your tank will shoot automatically. You also can shoot by yourself, or switch to alternative mode of firing (Twins, Striker, Vulcan, Magnum, Gauss and Shaft) by double tapping on the screen,


Now your main task will be to control the hull and choose where to point your turret.

You can disable automatic shooting in the settings.


Showcase & Shop


We have fixed the layout of Showcase placards for devices with high resolution screens, fixed the centrality of these Showcase placards, corrected prices in the mobile version, and now, Showcase placards in the mobile version will not be the same as in the browser version. We urge you to check the HTML5 Showcase, and if there’s not any items you are wanting to purchase, also check the mobile version Showcase, and hopefully have a bit better luck.

You can find more details in the patch notes.


Enter the game tomorrow and check out the changes!

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