Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!

Shall we heat up the final weekend of summer?


We are happy to announce that the upcoming Friday, Saturday and Sunday will be ULTRA!


There will be special missions, increased funds and experience, coinboxes and Ultra Containers, a valuable special offer, and a themed design.

This Ultra Weekend will start on Friday, August 28th, at 2:00 UTC, and will last until Monday, August 31st, at 2:00 UTC.


Double funds and experience


Enjoy the summer farm on maximum! You will get double the experience and crystals for every matchmaking battle on top of the experience and crystal bonuses that we announced on June 15th.


Coinboxes and Ultra Containers


Do you like opening containers? Well, luckily, for this Ultra Weekend, we are bringing back two of our signature special containers! You will be able to buy your favorite coinboxes and Ultra Containers, which will replace regular containers for three days.

We remind you that you can get a cool Gauss Ultra skin, all Ultra skins except Hornet Ultra, Crisis drone, Gauss XT, Ares XT, the EMP Salvo Augment, and the only Gauss shot effect “VioleNt”. You can also find these drops in coinboxes:



  • 1 tankoin
  • 10 tankoins
  • 30 tankoins
  • 40 tankoins
  • 50 tankoins
  • 100 tankoins
  • 200 tankoins
  • 300 tankoins
  • 500 tankoins
  • 1 000 tankoins
  • 2 000 tankoins
  • 3 000 tankoins
  • 100 000 tankoins
  • 1 000 crystals
  • 2 000 crystals
  • 3 000 crystals
  • 5 000 crystals
  • 15 000 crystals
  • 30 000 crystals
  • 30 speed boosts
  • 30 mines
  • 30 double damages
  • 30 double armors
  • 30 repair kits
  • 15 batteries


By the way, if you managed to get 100 000 tankoins, be sure to share the screenshot on the forum!



Special offer in the Shop

Want more bang for your buck? We’ve got your back! There will be an exclusive offer in the Shop this weekend, which includes 5 containers, 300 supplies (excluding goldboxes and batteries), and 100 000 crystals.

Don’t miss it!


Special missions


Play in matchmaking, complete special missions, and get cool rewards! And do not forget about the “Erudite” contest!


  • Mission: Super Ultra
  • Task: Complete the “Ultra Fighter”, “Ultra Soldier”, “Ultra Terminator”, “Ultra God” and “Ultra Helper”.
  • Prize: 6 Ultra Containers


  • Mission: Ultra Fighter
  • Task: Earn 10 000 points in matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 200 batteries


  • Mission: Ultra Soldier
  • Task: Earn 20 000 points in matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 300 batteries


  • Mission: Ultra Terminator
  • Task: Earn 30 000 points in matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 2 Ultra Containers


  • Mission: Ultra God
  • Task: Destroy 500 tanks in any matchmaking battles using Ares
  • Prize: 1 Ultra Container


  • Mission: Ultra Helper
  • Task: Destroy 500 tanks in any matchmaking battles, using passive drones (Hyperion, Brutus, Crisis)
  • Prize: 1 Ultra Container


Attention: Points earned in matchmaking stack up. For example, if you earn 30 000 points, you will complete 3 missions at once – “Ultra fighter”, “Ultra soldier”, and “Ultra terminator”


Themed decorations

There will be themed decorations in the battles during the weekend:


  • a special holiday paint;
  • themed billboards on every map;
  • holiday parachutes;
  • Themed goldboxes and dropzones.


Play the game tomorrow and enjoy your weekend!

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