Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello tankers!

Summer is a great time for huge feats!


«Lockdown» is over and it’s time to get to Mount Olympus!


But to conquer it you will need to make an effort. Whoever manages to do all the missions will be generously rewarded!
From 02:00 UTC August 14th until 02:00 UTC August 24th the game will host an event called «The Battle of Olympus».


Your task is to complete these missions:


  • Supermission: God of War
  • Task: Complete the missions «Turret in the hull — blade in the sleeve», «War Chariot», «Guile», «The Siege of Troy» and «Titans’ Killer»
  • Prize: 5 new fancy ultra containers 


  • Mission: Turret in the hull — blade in the sleeve
  • Task: Use Ares’s overdrive 300 times in matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1000 «Double Damages»


  • Mission: War Chariot
  • Task: Be in the winning team of 100 matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 1000 «Speed Boosts»


  • Mission: Guile
  • Task: Destroy 150 tanks with mines in any matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 2 ultra containers


  • Mission: The Siege of Troy
  • Task: Be in the winning team of 120 battles in the «Siege» matchmaking mode
  • Prize: 2 ultra containers


  • Mission: Titans’ Killer
  • Task: Destroy 1 000 heavy hulls (Ares, Titan, Mammoth) in any matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 2 ultra containers


  • Mission: Crown of Swords
  • Task: Earn 70 000 battle points in any matchmaking battles
  • Prize: 5 days of premium


IMPORTANT: before going to the party, visit the «Missions > Special» section in the HTML5 or Mobile version of the game to activate your mission, or your progress won’t be tracked, and you won’t get your prize.


There is other interesting stuff:


Increased funds and experience


Throughout the whole duration of the event we will have doubled funds and experience points. Funds and experience multipliers add up with the current summer increase and with bonuses from the premium account.


Ultra Containers


Ultra Containers are back in the Showcase, temporarily replacing standard containers.

Reminder: from ultra containers you can get crystals, supplies, gold boxes, days of premium account, ordinary and rare paints, augments, XT and PR skins, coinboxes, unique augments and the new exceptional Ares XT skin, augments for Ares, as well as the «Crisis» drone.


Special Bundles


The Battle of Olympus calls for brave tankers!

And so that you have enough resources to complete all the tasks, we will add not one, not two, not three but as many as 4 special bundles!


Special Bundle «King of the Universe»:

  • Ares Mk2
  • 150 ultracontainers
  • «Heat Resistance» augment for Ares
  • «Cold Resistance» augment for Ares


Special Bundle «Level: Supergod»:

  • 50 ultra containers
  • 50 containers
  • 50 coin boxes
  • 50 pit stop boxes
  • 50 weekly containers


Special Bundle «Level: God»:

  • 10 ultra containers
  • 10 containers
  • 10 coin boxes
  • 10 weekly containers


Special Bundle «Level: Novice God»:

  • 5 ultra containers
  • 5 containers
  • 5 weekly containers


We wish everyone good luck with containers and a successful conquest of Olympus!



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