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He promised to arrive, he arrived.


We are witnessing a historical Tanki Online event.

Please welcome! The «Ares» hull is in the game!

Our developers did an insane job. Hundreds of blueprints, calculations and unconventional decisions were made.


In the end we got the heavy, multi-tone machine to hover. Yes-yes, Ares is a heavy hull.




Thanks to the never-ending work of its engines the Ares hull can hover over the ground with a small altitude.

When Ares is placed under enemy fire, it tries to return itself to a stable position. If the roll limit exceeds a certain maximum, the engines will fail and Ares will flip.


Movement mechanics


The uniquity of the hull movement is that it does not turn, but “strafes” in the given direction.

The hull will perfectly fit mobile gameplay. It is stable, has a lot of armour, and controlling it on the touch-screen is a pleasure.

There are two different possibilities to control the hull on the PC: keyboard + mouse and only keyboard.


  • Keyboard + Mouse:
    • Hull moves forwards, backwards and to the side;
    • Strafing instead of turning the hull;
    • Strafe direction depends on the current camera position;
    • Forwards, backwards, left and right are always controlled by the camera position;
    • The hull turns with the camera.


  • Keyboard only:
    • The hull is controlled like a usual tank.


Important: to switch to keyboard control, you need to disable mouse controls in the game settings.

Without disabling mouse controls, you cannot rotate the hull.



For those of you who don’t have a mouse — now is the perfect time to buy one!




BFG is the name of Ares’s unique Overdrive.

Remember the gun integrated into the hull? Here it is!


This overdrive shoots a plasma ball that looks just like a ball of lightning. It flies slowly and finally explodes when it hits a static obstacle, dealing splash damage.

The lightning ball strikes tanks that are within a certain distance of the ball. It heals allied tanks and deals damage to enemy tanks, ignoring their modules.


Ares’s Overdrive’s interactions with other Overdrives


The ball of plasma:

  • might be shot down by Hunter’s electromagnetic pulse;
  • explodes when contacting an enemy plasma ball;
  • neutralizes itself when the protective shield generator is activated;
  • can not be deactivated with Wasp’s N2-bomb.


Answer to the main question


Ares floats. What about mines? What about supply drops?

It’s simple. Ares’s hull is just like a magnet – it detonates mines and picks up supply drops just like any other hull.


Are you interested? Come into the Garage and get this masterpiece of technology!

By the way, especially for this occasion we have launched some interesting events. You can check them out here.


Ares ХТ + ultra containers = Happy tanker


Great news! The elite-XT skin for Ares will be in the updated ultra containers.


In the creation of this elite XT skin for Ares, the latest technology, an unknown alloy with classified chemical composition, and a lot of pure gold were used in order to make this skin even more exclusive and elegant.



Wanna get it? Don’t miss the special missions available in the game to get ultracontainers or you can also get them in the Shop.

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