Tanki Fund
Tanki Fund

Tanker, look out! You are at gunpoint!

«Big ears sniper» is a fresh new look that will capture your heart.


Such a multifaceted and deadly turret like Gauss deserves to get the most handsome skin. Meet the new Gauss Ultra skin!



You are able to get this brand-new skin out of ultra containers, which can be obtained from completing missions or from buying them in the Shop from July 17th 02:00 UTC till July 27th 02:00 UTC.


You can get all Ultra skins (except Hornet Ultra) from these lovely ultra containers:

  • Vulcan Ultra
  • Railgun Ultra
  • Viking Ultra
  • Hunter Ultra
  • Thunder Ultra

Weather forecasters promise us that there is even a chance to get the Gauss XT skin, augments for Gauss and the only shot effect available for this turret — «VioleNt».


Special missions


Have you ever seen a release where there wasn’t an after-party? We haven’t.

In honour of the «Gauss Ultra» skin release, starting from July 17th 02:00 UTC till July 27th 02:00 UTC, there will be themed special missions with valuable rewards!


  • Supermission: «Math’s king»
  • Task: Complete «Minor planet orbits», «Eureka», «End of counting off» and «Mass accelerator» missions
  • Prize: 5 ultra containers


  • Mission: «Minor planet orbits»
  • Task: Be in the winning team of 20 battles in the «Siege» matchmaking mode.
  • Prize: 1 ultra container


  • Mission: «Eureka»
  • Task: Activate your Overdrive 200 times in Matchmaking battles of any mode.
  • Prize: 2 ultra containers


  • Mission: «End of counting off»
  • Task: Destroy 1700 tanks in any Matchmaking battles using long-range turrets (Shaft, Gauss, Magnum, Railgun)
  • Prize: 2 ultra containers


  • Mission: «Mass accelerator»
  • Task: Destroy 50 Juggernauts in Matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 3 ultra containers


  • Mission: «Number theory»
  • Task: Earn 100 000 battle points in any Matchmaking battles.
  • Prize: 7 ultra containers


IMPORTANT: All missions are available starting from Sergeant rank. 

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: Remember that in order to participate in these missions, you MUST visit the «Special» area of the «Missions» section in the HTML5 or Android version of the game. If you don’t do this, your progress will not be tracked and you will not get the rewards.


Special offers

And of course, we have some special offers for fans of novelties, who want to get more and pay less than everyone else!


Special «Containers. The cooler containers!» bundle

Contains: 50 containers and 50 ultra containers

Open a pile of boxes, get many skins for your tank, make a video of opening containers ← if you want to do at least one of these things, then this bundle is for you.


Special «Arsenal» bundle

Contains: 1000 of each supply and batteries (except gold boxes).

In a battle, you are always in need of an ace in the hole. Heal yourself, boost your speed, do more damage or protect yourself from enemies. This bundle is your first aid kit, which everyone should have.


The bundles will be available in the Shop from July 17th 02:00 UTC till July 27th 02:00 UTC.

Enter the game tomorrow and check out these novelties.

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