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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd

Hello, tankers!   Have you ever asked yourself what independence means to you? Is it running barefoot in the rain or parachuting out of a plane at 15 thousand feet…

You can now enjoy the sweet feeling of freedom here in your favourite game. We are announcing Independence Day on «Tanki Online»!

We have prepared some surprises just in time for these celebrations:   From 02:00 UTC July 3rd till 02:00 UTC July 6th some special missions will be waiting for you in the game:

  • Supermission: Airbender
  • Task: Complete missions «Fighter», «Squadron», «Scout» and «Pro»
  • Prize: 5 Ultra Containers


  • Mission: Squadron
  • Task: Destroy 200 tanks in any matchmaking battles using support drones (Mechanic, Engineer, Supplier, Trickster, Camper)
  • Prize: 100 batteries 


  • Mission: Scout
  • Task: Destroy 300 tanks in any matchmaking battles using defensive drones (Trooper, Miner, Defender, Lifeguard, Saboteur)
  • Prize: 1 Ultra Container


  • Mission: Pro
  • Task: Destroy 400 tanks in any matchmaking battles using passive drones (Hyperion, Brutus, Crisis)
  • Prize: 2 Ultra Containers


  • Mission: Fighter
  • Task: Destroy 100 tanks in any matchmaking battles using assault drones (Assault, Driver, Sprinter, Booster, Blaster)
  • Prize: 50 Batteries
  • Note: mission available with rank Warrant Officer 2


And in the Shop during these days, three new special bundles will be available:

Special Bundle «Happy Independence Day»:

  • «Hyperion» drone
  • 2000 of each supply (except gold boxes and batteries)
  • 200 batteries

Special Bundle «Fireworks»:

  • «Saboteur» drone
  • 1000 mines
  • 200 batteries

Special Bundle «Air Force»:

  • «Trickster» drone
  • 1000 speed-boosts
  • 200 batteries

Celebrate Independence Day with us!

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