Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd
  • Event: Discount Weekend – July 2020
  • Duration: 3 days
  • Starts: Friday, July 24th
  • Ends: Monday, July 27th

Important note: Unless otherwise stated, all events and activities start and end with the server restart at 02:00 UTC.




Are you ready for another Crazy Discount Weekend?


Three days of discounts: Shop on Friday, Garage on Saturday, and Upgrades & Speedups on Sunday.


Additionally, for three full days, we’ll have:

  • x2 Funds and Experience
  • A Special Bundle in the Shop
  • Coinboxes
  • Ultra containers



  • Discount: 25% on Shop Crystals, Kits, Golds
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Friday, July 24th
  • Ends: Saturday, July 25th


  • Discount: 25% on Garage Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Augments, Drones, Supplies, Batteries, Paints
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Saturday, July 25th
  • Ends: Sunday, July 26th


  • Discount: 25% & 50% on Upgrades & Speedups respectively
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Sunday, July 26th
  • Ends: Monday, July 27th



Coinboxes return for this special event, with a chance to drop up to 100 000 Tankoins. You can find them in the Shop.

  • 1 tankoin
  • 10 tankoins
  • 30 tankoins
  • 40 tankoins
  • 50 tankoins
  • 100 tankoins
  • 200 tankoins
  • 300 tankoins
  • 500 tankoins
  • 1 000 tankoins
  • 2 000 tankoins
  • 3 000 tankoins
  • 100 000 tankoins
  • 1 000 crystals
  • 2 000 crystals
  • 5 000 crystals
  • 15 000 crystals
  • 30 000 crystals
  • 30 speed boosts
  • 30 mines
  • 30 double armours
  • 30 double damages
  • 30 repair kits
  • 15 batteries


Ultra containers

Of course, don’t forget about ultra containers, which you can get for completing various special missions, as well as purchase in the shop, as they temporarily replace standard containers.

From ultra containers, you can get the newest Gauss Ultra skin, any other Ultra skin (except Hornet Ultra), a «Crisis» drone, a Gauss XT skin, augments for Gauss, and the only shot effect available for this turret — «VioleNt».


Holiday Bundles in the Shop

Got a keen eye for a great deal? Cool. We’ve created a special bundle that will set you ahead of the competition at a really affordable price.


This bundle will be exclusively available in the Shop for the duration of the festivities.

  • 5 containers
  • 300 of each supply (excluding Gold Boxes and Batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals


Wanna get more cool items at a low price? This special bundle is definitely for you! You can get this bundle from the Shop for real money. If you had to buy all of these items separately, you’d be paying approximately 4X the price. So don’t miss out on this whole bundle of goodies at such a low price!


x2 Battle Funds and Experience in MM battles

Make the best out of your action!


You will receive twice as much experience in all matchmaking battles, and earn twice as many crystals for each battle finished!

Important: rates will be twice more than announced on June 15th.


Themed Decorations

Throughout the 3 days of the event, we’ll have themed decorations in the game — Holiday paint, Billboards on the maps, Holiday parachutes, Festive gold box skin, Festive gold box drop zone skin.


So get ready to jump into the fray for three days of blazing combat starting with the server restart on Friday, July 24th.