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Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!


In the main announcement of TO’s birthday we mentioned thematic missions.


Let’s figure out what you have to do to get these “tasty” rewards.


Happy Tanki Online’s birthday to you!


Enter the game every day, starting from 02:00 UTC June 4th, and receive the gifts from «Missions», in the «Special» section.

Attention: The mission Happy Tanki Online’s birthday to you! is available from the rank of Staff Sergeant and higher, except on the 8th and 9th of June – during these days it will be available from First Sergeant.

If you didn’t take your gift on one of the days, it will disappear. The gift will refresh every day at 02:00 UTC.

In total, we’ve prepared 11 gifts for 11 days of celebration in honour of the 11th anniversary of the project! What will you find in them? It’s a surprise!


Special daily missions


From 02:00 UTC June 4th till 02:00 UTC June 15th complete daily holiday missions and get tankoins for them!

IMPORTANT: All special daily missions are available from the ranks of Staff Sergeant and higher.

VERY IMPORTANT: Exactly one day is given to complete such tasks. If you started the mission, but did not complete it on the same day, it will reset with the server restart.


  • Mission: Festive Aurora
  • Task: Use 1 111 supplies (except batteries and gold boxes) in any matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: 11 tankoins.


  • Mission: Tesla’s Transformer
  • Task: Use 111 batteries in any matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: 11 tankoins.


Special holiday missions


Throughout the 11 days of the celebration, complete special missions in the HTML5 or Android versions of the game and collect the rewards!

Attention: All special holiday missions are available from the ranks of Staff Sergeant and higher.


  • Mission: Gladiator
  • Task: Earn 11 111 points in any matchmaking battles.
  • Reward: 1 container.


  • Mission: «Kill the Boss»
  • Task: Destroy 111 Juggernauts.
  • Reward: 2 containers.


  • Mission: Goal-Drop
  • Task: Capture 111 balls in «Rugby» mode.
  • Reward: 1 container.


  • Mission: Sniper
  • Task: Destroy 1 111 enemy tanks in any matchmaking battles, using medium-range turrets (Smoky, Striker, Vulcan, Thunder).
  • Reward: 2 containers.


  • Mission: Mission Master
  • Task: Complete the following missions: «Gladiator», «Kill the Boss», «Goal-Drop» and «Sniper».
  • Reward: 3 containers. Also, out of all the players that complete this super mission, we will give away a «Nokia» smartphone and two «Tank Online» T-shirts during the livestream on the 16th of June.


  • Mission: Holiday Lights
  • Task: Complete the «Festive Aurora» mission 11 times.
  • Reward: 5 containers.


  • Mission: Overcharge
  • Task: Complete the  «Tesla’s Transformer» mission 11 times.
  • Reward: 5 containers.


Party at «Tanki Online»


What could be better than going on a summer-picnic for your birthday? And since not all of this can be done in reality, we will transfer the barbecues and everything else to “Tanki”!

From 09:00 UTC June 13th till 21:00 UTC June 13th, 4 more missions will be waiting for you. Your task will be to find helpers with special paints in battles and destroy them.

We will tell you more about the “Party” event in a separate announcement on the 12th of June.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANTLY: Remember that in order to participate in these missions, you MUST visit the «Special» area of the «Missions» section in the HTML5 or mobile version of the game. If you don’t do this, your progress will not be tracked and you will not get the rewards.


Follow the news as there are still a lot of interesting things to come.

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