Tanki Fund
Tanki Fund

Tankers, we have some news for you!


During the «Lockdown» events we had increased battle funds in the game. As well as this, you had been receiving more experience points and other benefits from the Premium Pass. It was pretty cool and all of you, those with and without the Premium Pass, had enough time to prepare for the last part of the sales and events.


We have checked game statistics and found out that there are some positive effects: there was an increase of activity in all battle modes and matchmaking waiting times decreased. You liked the fact that it took less time to unlock new turrets and drones and you spent more time in the game than usual.


The increased experience bonus allowed beginners to get used to the game faster while experienced players could receive their crystal bonuses for ranking up, including the Legend ranks.


As a result, we’ve decided to experiment. Tomorrow, June 16th, from 02:00 UTC we will have x2 funds and x3 experience until the end of the summer! We really hope that it will help you rank up faster and get more crystals for weapon upgrades that will be available to you much faster than before.


During the experiment, if necessary, some small adjustments might be made. We will monitor the situation and pay special attention to your feedback.


Let your summer be as bright and dynamic as the battles in Tanki Online!