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Hello, tankers!


A downloadable client of the HTML-5 version of the game is now available on our website!


We’ve already said many times, that Flash is a thing of the past. All the main browsers are gradually giving up on it, and already in October 2020, it will not be supported anymore.

We really want you to still be able to play “Tanki Online” for many years, that why we’ve created the HTML-5 version of the game.


Previously, the HTML5 version was available only in browsers but in parallel with the development of the browser version we were working on the downloadable client. We have already dropped a link to it under one of V-LOG episodes and on the forum a few months ago but haven’t replaced the link on the main page.


Due to the worldwide lockdown situation, we had to wait much more time to receive a special certificate to sign the application. That was the reason why we haven’t replaced the link on the main page, but finally, all steps of certification have been left behind and the new HTML5 client is available right on the main page.



Many of you have moved to the HTML5 version but others still doubt it. We would like to remind you about two main reasons to move to the new version.

First — there is not much time left before the Flash version will be discontinued and you will have to move to the HTML5 version in order to keep playing your favorite game.

Second — the HTML5 version has a lot of advantages!

Obvious advantages of the HTML5-version:

  • Smoother FPS on powerful PCs and absence of FPS limit for monitors with high screen frequency.
  • A drastic decrease in the number of critical error and “crashes”
  • Modern, practical interface.
  • Awesome visual effects, that were not possible earlier.
  • Unlimited potential for developing new content (including new turrets and hulls).


New engine – new features!


Download, play and give us your opinion about it in comments. We are actively watching your feedback and try to take it into account during the development process!

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