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Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



Together with our April Discount Weekend event, we’re launching a brand new type of Container — The Ultra Container.


Here’s everything you need to know about it.


Ultra Containers will be in the game for the duration of the April Discount Weekend event.


They will be available to purchase from the Shop, and you can also get them as a reward from Special Missions.


Ultra Containers will drop a variety of cool rewards — Crystals, Supplies, Gold Boxes, days of Premium, regular and rare Paints, Alterations, Coinboxes, as well as XT, PR and unique Skins.


But that’s not all.


The list of possible drops includes this time such special things as the Hunter Ultra skin and the brand new Hull Alterations for Hunter. You can find all the information about them in the official announcement here.


Hunter_preview_render-1024x576.pngHunters wear camouflage to sneak up on prey. Not this one. This one wears an Ultra skin that says, “Be very afraid”.



Ultra Containers will only be available during special events. Once purchased, they will be found in the «Special» section of the Garage, where you can open them.


So, get ready to enjoy some amazing loot from the new Ultra Containers. And when you get something cool, share the news with your fellow tankers!

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