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We know. Being locked up indoors is definitely not fun.


But as the old saying goes, “When life gives you lemons, pull out your tank and blast them to bits”.


We’re about to turn this boring downtime into some of the best fun you’ll ever have. Here’s what’s coming at you, starting from tomorrow, March 24th at 02:00 UTC.


For TWENTY days, we’ll have:


  • 1.5X Funds in matchmaking battles
  • 1.5X Experience points in matchmaking battles


  • Special Mission: Earn 100 000 battle points in MM
    • Reward: 10 days of Premium
    • IMPORTANT: Remember to visit the «Special» missions section in HTML5 or mobile version before you start, otherwise your progress won’t count.


  • Special “Antivirus” Bundle
    • Contains: 1000 Repair Kits
    • Price: 999 Tankoins
    • Savings: 80% off
  • Special “Immunity” Bundle
    • Contains: 20 days of Premium
    • Price: Check the Shop for your regional price in real money
    • Savings: 40% off


Get ready for some serious action, tankers!


  • Event: Lockdown Event
  • Duration: 20 days
  • Starts: Tuesday, March 24th at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Monday, April 13th at 02:00 UTC


P.S. This could also be the PERFECT opportunity to dive into eSports. If you’ve never joined a tournament, the Blitz events are the perfect place to start. Take this opportunity to hone your skills, team up with some friends and try your hand at eSports. Who knows, you just might enjoy it!


Find out more on the official Tanki eSports portal.




Premium MULTIPLIES your experience points by 1.5X. It does not add it.

So, for Premium users, the multiplier will be 1.5X1.5 = 2.25X

Therefore, Premium users will get 2.25X experience points.

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