Ultra Weekend January 14th – 16th

Hello, tankers!


Special day — special activity. Take part in the brand-new contest «It’s a Woman’s World» and get cool prizes.


This contest is our contribution to breaking stereotypes and showing that everyone should be treated equally. Some people think that women are weaker. But can you guess how many times a woman kicked your butt in Tanki Online? Here’s a hint. It happens much more often than you think.


So here’s how the contest is gonna work.


In the comments section of this announcement (facebook, instagram  or forum, whichever you prefer), tell us about a skill where women can do as well as men, or even better.

IMPORTANT: Please be respectful in your comments. This isn’t about who’s better and who’s worse. It’s about destroying stereotypes, celebrating equality, and recognizing that people are people, regardless of gender and abilities.


We will choose our favorite comments from all platforms and will reward the authors with 8,000 Crystals, 8 Containers and 8 gold boxes each.


  • Deadline for submissions is 15:00 UTC on March 15th.
  • Results will be published on March 17th during the day.


Enjoy it!

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