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You’ve waited a long time, but the “Masters of Parkour” competition is finally here. Cool prizes and a lot of emotions are waiting for you! Read carefully and to the very end!


The contest consists of two phases — the qualifying round and the finals.


In the qualifying stage, participants need to form a team of up to 4 members, and shoot a spectacular parkour video. The video needs to be uploaded to Youtube, and the link must be submitted through this special form. After the qualification stage, the jury will pick the Top eight teams to move on to the finals.

The finals will be broadcast live on the Tanki Online International Youtube channel. A couple of days before the broadcast, we will announce a selection of maps and houses. Each team will have to pick one house per map and prepare a stunt to get on that house. The finalists need to perform the tricks to get on the selected houses during the live broadcast. The finals will be single elimination, half of the teams will pass on to the next round until only one remains.


The jury will judge the first stage videos based on the following criteria:

  • Respect for the contest rules
  • Difficulty of tricks
  • Recording and editing quality


And now, some details about the qualification stage:

  • Teams are not allowed to participate in both the International and the Russian Masters of Parkour
  • Stunts must be shot with standard gravity settings. Videos made in Space mode will not be considered.
  • All team members must have a minimum rank of Warrant Officer 1.
  • The parkour team must have at least 2 and not more than 4 tankers. The team can decide whether the video is to be shot by a team member or an independent cameraperson (either a spectator or a normal player)
  • Players must not equip skins.
  • The video must be exclusively shot for this contest. All members of your team must be equipped with the “Master of Parkour 2020” paint.

  • Entries must be uploaded to Youtube. Video links are to be submitted via this special form. When submitting your video, make sure you include the nicknames of all the team members (at least 2 and not more than 4 members) and your team name. If the team wins, only the listed players will be rewarded.
  • Your video must not be longer than 60 seconds. Videos longer than 60 seconds will be automatically disqualified.
  • The nicknames of all team members must be visible and readable in all tricks.
  • A participant can only be part of one team.
  • Participants that share the same network, play from a public Wifi or frequently use VPNs must inform the organizers ahead of time!
  • The video must not contain any violation of the Game Rules.
  • The rights of using contest videos are described in point 7.4 of the EULA.


Interesting fact!

There are two versions—the International one (EN/DE/PL), and the Russian one. That means there will be two groups of winners, 2 finals live streams and 2 contests.


Prizes (per team member)

All the finalists will receive the unique paint “Master of Parkour 2020”, which will remain in their garages forever


  • 1st place: a t-shirt with the game logo, any XT, Legacy or Prime*** skin of the player’s choice, any shot effect of the player’s choice, 200 of each supply**, 50 containers and 500 tankoins.

  • 2nd place: any XT, Legacy or Prime*** skin of the player’s choice, any shot effect of the player’s choice, 120 of each supply**, 30 containers and 300 tankoins

  • 3rd place: any XT, Legacy or Prime*** skin on the player’s choice, any shot effect of the player’s choice, 80 of each supply**, 20 containers and 200 tankoins

  • Each finalist whose team attended the finals but did not reach the TOP-3 will receive 20 000 crystals, 10 containers and 100 tankoins.

  • Additional nominations and prizes may be issued depending on the number and quality of entries.



  • Entries are accepted until 02:00 UTC on March 3rd.

  • The paint will be removed from all tankers on March 5th at an unspecified time.

  • We will announce the nicknames of the finalists of the contest on March 7th. The finalists will receive the paint on the same day. Also, maps and objectives for the finals will be revealed that day.

  • The Finals will take place on March 13th. Time to be disclosed at a later date.


Prizes will be issued on March 14th during the day.


Good luck, parkourists!

* The paint will be available in the Shop from 02:00 UTC February 8th till 02:00 UTC March 5th. The price is 10 tankoins.

** Repair kit, double armour, double damage, speed up boost, mine

*** Except skins which are released after this announcement

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