Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



Get ready to exchange lots of love and bullet holes in Tanki Online with our special Valentine’s Day event, starting from Thursday, February 13th at 02:00 UTC, till Monday, February 17th at 02:00 UTC.


As always, we’ve prepared lots of activities for you to enjoy. Here’s the full list below.




  • Discount: 30% on Shop items: Crystals, Paints, Kits, Gold Boxes
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Friday, February 14th at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Saturday, February 15th at 02:00 UTC


  • Discount: 30% on Garage items: Turrets, Hulls, Modules, Alterations, Drones, Supplies, Batteries
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Saturday, February 15th at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Sunday, February 16th at 02:00 UTC


  • Discount: 30% on Upgrades and 50% on Speed-ups
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Starts: Sunday, February 16th at 02:00 UTC
  • Ends: Monday, February 17th at 02:00 UTC


Themed Decorations


Love is all about the atmosphere, so for the duration of the festivities we’ll be having, a holiday paint, themed billboards, holiday parachutes, Gold Box skin and Gold drop zones.


Increased Battle Funds


They say love makes you more generous, so we’re giving you 2X Battle Funds for every matchmaking battle you complete throughout the celebrations.


A special place for lovers (of tank combat)


As part of our celebrations, we’re bringing back DM mode for a limited time in matchmaking on the Barda map.

More importantly, while your trading kisses (bullets) with your fellow tankers in DM, Gold Boxes will be dropping with increased frequency, because everything looks golden when you’re in love.

Take into account that the map will be available from 15th February 02:00 UTC till 17th February 02:00 UTC. The map will be available from 6th rank.


A special bundle to treat yourself


Tanker! Who’s your Valentine? Of course, it’s your tank! And with this special, extra value bundle, you can treat it to the best Valentine’s Day gift ever.

The bundle will be available throughout the festivities and will include these amazing treats that your tank will just love.


  • 5 containers
  • 300 each supply (excluding Gold Boxes and Batteries)
  • 100,000 crystals




Coinboxes are back, packed with loads of cool prizes ready to drop. What will you get? Crystals? Supplies? Or maybe the grand prize of 100 000 Tankoins? (List of possible rewards in the official forum thread).


Two community contests


As an extra bit of fun, we’re running two community contests — «Tanki Couples» and «Catch the Heart». You’ll find all the details in the respective announcements.


So, jump into the game tomorrow, Thursday, February 13th and take your tank on the date it truly deserves.

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