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While many are confused about the new modifications, there are some who would like to roll them back to zero.


Crazy? Well, yep. That’s practically the definition of a parkourist.


But yeah, we get it. Parkour is all about finding the right gear to bend the laws of physics to your whim. And since we love what those crazy tankers do, we’re happy to fulfill their wish.


If you have an upgraded Wasp and you’d like to roll it back, just write a forum PM to the account Downgrade_Wasp_Mk1, with the subject “Rollback my Wasp”.


You have until 2 am UTC on January 30. After that, we’ll stop accepting requests, and we’ll run a rollback on all the accounts that requested it.


Here are three important points to keep in mind.


  1. This is the ONLY time we’ll be doing this. If you miss the deadline on January 30th, you will NOT get another opportunity.
  2. The rollback is final. Once it’s done, it’s done and there’s no going back, so think carefully about your decision.
  3. The rollback will be to a basic Mark 1 – NO UPGRADES.


Here’s the link to the special profile:




DEADLINE: Server restart on January 30

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