Tanki Fund
Ultra Weekend June 24th – 26th

Hello, tankers!

You’ve been keeping yourselves busy on the battlefield, and it shows, because the situation on the War map has changed significantly.


The War is now in a phase of conflict.


Now, actions in the War are not as predictable as they were during the initial turns. Factions are actively attacking each other, capturing and defending regions, and even attempting to surround opposing factions.


Right now, Santa’s faction is the lead.


They’re determined not to let the Snowman ruin the festivities, proving to the Elves that Santa isn’t as old and weak as they expected.

Santa’s faction currently has 46 points for its occupied regions. Snowmen are in second place with 33 points, while the Elves are trailing behind them by just 1 point.


Additionally, all bonus regions have been captured.


The members of the conquering factions have already received their additional containers. Therefore, it is no longer possible to get bonus containers from these regions anymore. However, they will still reward 3 points for their occupation, so don’t ignore them! The bonus regions are Desert, Gravity and Future.

Keep fighting, earning Stars, and making smart tactical decisions. And don’t forget to monitor the War map closely, because the situation can change anytime!

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