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While the whole world is getting ready to celebrate New Year, we continue actively working on updates.

Tomorrow, after the December 26 server restart, a new update will be released in the game.


Let’s go over the details:




From now on, activating Titan’s “Protective Shield Generator” dome will disable all existing domes within a radius of 35 meters of the generator. This affects domes of enemy Titans as well as those previously placed by teammates.


Moreover, the overdrive no longer heals tanks within it, but instead the protection value has increased to 90%, and the default charging rate has been increased to 800 points per second.

In solo game modes, the dome’s visual effect is once again visible.


Dictator’s overdrive has become even more team-oriented. Now, in addition to all other effects, the Dictator also gets 25 battle score for every teammate affected by the overdrive.


Spawn protection


To reduce spawn-camping, players will now have temporary invulnerability from all forms of damage in addition to the transparent “phantom” effect.

This means that after spawning, you will have a few extra seconds to fight back enemies or find cover. Unlike the initial “phantom” effect, during the spawn protection period you will be able to shoot, deal damage and activate supplies.


IMPORTANT: the timers for invulnerability and invisibility are independent from one another, therefore you will NOT be able to stay inside a teammate to get to the enemy base, then suddenly materialise and take advantage of invulnerability.


Hornets with active overdrive can still deal damage to enemies with spawn protection (but not those still invisible), and this protection is completely disabled in format battles.




  • Thunder: reload time between shots has been reduced to 2.2 seconds. This means that Thunder’s firing rate will be higher.
  • Gauss: projectile speed reduced to 225 m/s, decreased average blast radius from 5 metres to 4 metres, and minimum blast radius from 8 metres to 6 metres.


Therefore Gauss shots will take slightly longer to reach their target, while the default shots will have lower splash damage. This does not affect the lock-on firing mode.

  • Shaft: fixed bug which caused low damage in sniper mode.


Other changes


  • Bug fix: equipping an alteration that involves splash damage will now always correctly change the splash parameters of the turret.
  • Team Juggernaut mode is now available to play in groups.


HTML5 changes


The new HTML5 version now has the long-awaited engine sound variety! You will now be able to hear different engine sounds based on the category of hull you’re using (light/medium/heavy). We also fixed the sound crackling problem.


The post-battle “Continue” button now starts the battle search in any game mode if the previous battle was found via the “Quick battle” button.


Enter the game tomorrow to check out the new changes!

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