Ultra Weekend May 20th – 22nd



As part of our Halloween celebrations, we’ll be organizing the special Halloween-themed ‘Evil WAR’.


You’ll be joining one of three nightmarish legions to determine who’s the most terrifying of them all. The terror you cause, will be measured in Stars earned.

The legion with the most Stars earned, wins.


The members of the winning legion will receive prizes according to the details below:


  • 200–599 stars: 5 weekly containers (10 if you own a Battle Pass);
  • 600–999 stars: 10 weekly containers and 15 tankoins (20 weekly containers and 30 tankoins if you own a Battle Pass);
  • 1000+ stars: 20 weekly containers and 150 tankoins (40 weekly containers and 300 tankoins if you own a Battle Pass).


And yes, you read correctly. If you have a Battle Pass, your rewards will be doubled!


You can track the progress of each legion on the special event website. Make sure you check it regularly to know whether your legion is winning or not!


Furthermore, if you are one of the most active participants in the WAR (with 1000+ Stars earned) and have bought a Battle Pass, you will automatically be entered into a special prize draw where you could win a Nokia 5.1 smartphone or 1000 Tankoins, even if your legion didn’t win!


«Undead», «Vampires» or «Ghosts»



(click on images for preview)


Wanna take part in the Evil WAR? Just buy the special distribution paint for the price of 10 Tankoins in the Shop. Upon buying the paint, you will be assigned to one of the three legions:  «Undead», «Vampires» or «Ghosts».


Then, all you’ll need to do is jump in and start earning Stars in matchmaking battles. Remember, we even have a special Halloween-themed map. That should make it even more fun!


The special distribution paint will be available in the Shop during the whole event. Your Stars will be counted from the beginning of the event (October 25th 02:00 UTC), regardless of when you buy the paint. So, even if you buy the paint on the very last day, you will still get all of the Stars you earned during the WAR event.


The Evil WAR will last 1 week, from 02:00 UTC on October 25th, till 02:00 UTC on November 1st. Prizes will be issued on November 1st during the day.

May your legion spread terror far and wide!

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